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Re: [Qemu-devel] [V9 1/4] hw/i386: Introduce AMD IOMMU

From: Jan Kiszka
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [V9 1/4] hw/i386: Introduce AMD IOMMU
Date: Tue, 3 May 2016 18:18:05 +0200
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On 2016-05-03 18:11, David Kiarie wrote:
> On Sun, May 1, 2016 at 5:14 PM, Michael S. Tsirkin <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 01:42:40AM +0300, David Kiarie wrote:
>>> +
>>> +#include "hw/hw.h"
>>> +#include "hw/pci/pci.h"
>>> +#include "hw/pci/msi.h"
>>> +#include "hw/sysbus.h"
>>> +#include "sysemu/dma.h"
>>> +
>>> +/* Capability registers */
>>> +#define IOMMU_CAPAB_HEADER            0x00
>>> +#define   IOMMU_CAPAB_REV_TYPE        0x02
>>> +#define   IOMMU_CAPAB_FLAGS           0x03
>>> +#define IOMMU_CAPAB_BAR_LOW           0x04
>>> +#define IOMMU_CAPAB_BAR_HIGH          0x08
>>> +#define IOMMU_CAPAB_RANGE             0x0C
>>> +#define IOMMU_CAPAB_MISC              0x10
>>> +#define IOMMU_CAPAB_MISC1             0x14
>> Where are all these from? Most seem unused.
>> Pls use AMD_IOMMU_ prefix to avoid polluting global namespace.
> Is it okay to move these macros to the amd_iommu.c file or to another
> file since these macros/defines are already prefix with IOMMU.
> Prefixing them with AMD_IOMMU makes them a bit too long I can barely
> write a line of code spanning less  than 80 chars.

An alternative prefix: AMDVI (AMD-Vi is also used for "AMD IOMMU").


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