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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH v5 00/18] tb hash improvements

From: Emilio G. Cota
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v5 00/18] tb hash improvements
Date: Fri, 13 May 2016 23:34:15 -0400

This patchset applies on top of tcg-next (8b1fe3f4 "cpu-exec:
Clean up 'interrupt_request' reloading", tagged "pull-tcg-20160512").

For reference, here is v4:

Changes from v4:

- atomics.h:
  + Add atomic_read_acquire and atomic_set_release
  + Rename atomic_test_and_set to atomic_test_and_set_acquire
  [ Richard: I removed your reviewed-by ]

- qemu_spin @ thread.h:
  + add bool qemu_spin_locked() to check whether the lock is taken.
  + Use newly-added acquire/release atomic ops. This is clearer and
    improves performance; for instance, now we don't emit an
    unnecessary smp_mb() thanks to using atomic_set_release()
    instead of atomic_mb_set(). Also, note that __sync_test_and_set
    has acquire semantics, so it makes sense to have an
    atomic_test_and_set_acquire that directly calls it, instead
    of calling atomic_xchg, which emits a full barrier (that we don't
    need) before __sync_test_and_set.
  [ Richard: I removed your reviewed-by ]

- tests:
  + add parallel benchmark (qht-bench). Some perf numbers in
    the commit message, comparing QHT vs. CLHT and ck_hs.

  + invoke qht-bench from `make check` with test-qht-par. It
    uses system(3); I couldn't find a way to detect from qht-bench
    when it is run from gtester, so I decided to just add a silly
    program to invoke it.

- trivial: util/Makefile.objs: add qdist.o and qht.o each on a
           separate line

- trivial: added copyright header to test programs

- trivial: updated phys_pc, pc, flags commit message with Richard's
           comment that hashing cs_base probably isn't worth it.

- qht:
  + Document that duplicate pointer values cannot be inserted.
  + qht_insert: return true/false upon success/failure, just like
                qht_remove. This can help find bugs.
  + qht_remove: only write to seqlock if the removal happens --
                otherwise the write is unnecessary, since nothing
                is written to the bucket.
  + trivial: s/n_items/n_entries/ for consistency.
  + qht_grow: substitute it for qht_resize. This is mostly useful
              for testing.
  + resize: do not track qht_map->n_entries; track instead the
            number of non-head buckets added.
            This improves scalability, since we only increment
            this number (with the relatively expensive atomic_inc)
            every time a new non-head bucket is allocated, instead
            of every time an entry is added/removed.
    * return bool from qht_resize and qht_reset_size; they return
      false if the resize was not needed (i.e. if the previous size
      was the requested size).
  + qht_lookup: do not check for !NULL entries; check directly
                for a hash match.
                This gives a ~2% perf. increase during
                benchmarking. The buckets in the microbenchmarks
                are equally-sized well distributed, which is
                approximately the case in QEMU thanks to xxhash
                and resizing.
  + Remove MRU bucket promotion policy. With automatic resizing,
    this is not needed. Furthermore, removing it saves code.
  + qht_lookup: Add fast-path without do {} while (seqlock). This
                gives a 4% perf. improvement on a read-only benchmark.
  + struct qht_bucket: document the struct
  + rename qht_lock() to qht_map_lock_buckets()
  + add map__atomic_mb and bucket_next__atomic_mb helpers that
    include the necessary atomic_read() and rmb().

  [ All the above changes for qht are simple enough that I kept
    Richard's reviewed-by.]

  + Support concurrent writes to separate buckets. This is in an
    additional patch to ease reviewing; feel free to squash it on
    top of the QHT patch.



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