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[Qemu-devel] [Bug 682360] Re: Unaccessible memory

From: Michael liu
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [Bug 682360] Re: Unaccessible memory
Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 02:26:24 -0000

This is a qemu emulator problem, whould qemu stop when the memory is
larger than 128M? You can try  set the memory 256 to start vm.

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  Unaccessible memory

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:

  I'm trying to develop a OS over L4/X2 microkernel and I use Linux
  debian and qemu 0.13 in 64 bits mode. When I start qemu with qemu-
  system-x86_64 -hdc freevms.img -smp 1 -serial stdio -m 128M -k fr, my
  kernel boots fine. If I modify this command line with -m 384M (for
  example), my kernel is loaded but enter in a deadlock. I have found a
  bug in my code until I have tried to use the _same_ disk image under
  virtualbox and it works without any trouble. I runs fine on a real PC

  I have bissected my code and qemu stops (maybe in a deadlock) when I try to 
access to memory :
  %MEM-I-VM_ALLOC, adding $0000000000045000 - $0000000000108FFF to VM allocator
  %MEM-I-VM_ALLOC, adding $000000000010B000 - $00000000003F2FFF to VM allocator
  %MEM-I-VM_ALLOC, adding $000000000040C000 - $0000000000FFFFFF to VM allocator
  %MEM-I-VM_ALLOC, adding $000000000100F000 - $FFFFFEFFFFFFFFFF to VM allocator
  %MEM-I-ACCMAP, accepting mapping
  %MEM-I-ACCMAP, virtual  $FFFF000000000000 - $FFFF000000000FFF
  %MEM-I-ACCMAP, physical $000000000009E000 - $000000000009EFFF

  Note that qemu doesn't crash. It only stops. My virtual memory
  subsystem maps $FFFF000000000000 in physical memory ($9E000). And when
  I try to initialize this memory, qemu enters in deadlock.

  A disk image to reproduce this bug is available at



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