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Re: [Qemu-devel] qemu -nographics option

From: mar.krzeminski
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] qemu -nographics option
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2016 21:52:04 +0200
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Have you try to add chardev device?

-chardev stdio,mux=on,id=terminal -serial chardev:terminal

I am also not sure if you so many consoles in kernel command line,
since you do not want to use any graphic mode.


W dniu 11.06.2016 o 16:22, David Craven pisze:
Hello qemu devs,

I previously asked this question on stack overflow but didn't get an
answer, so I thought I'd ask here:

Stdio doesn't show in qemu with the -nographic option.
This is my qemu invocation. It prints hello world when
using `-serial stdio` but only displays kernel output when
using `-nographic`. (From the docs I gather these two are
mutually exclusive options)

     qemu-system-arm \
         -kernel zImage \
         -append "\
             console=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty highres=off console=ttyS0 \
             rdinit=/bin/static-hello \
             panic=1" \
         -initrd rootfs.cpio.gz \
         -dtb vexpress-v2p-ca9.dtb \
         -M vexpress-a9 \
         -m 512 \
         -nographic \

How do I get this to work with the `-nographic` option?


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