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[Qemu-devel] Bug or what?

From: Mundek
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Bug or what?
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 11:34:31 +0200
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i am developing an operating system, and when i run "qemu-system-i386 -kernel kernel.mkern -d in_asm -no-reboot"
i get (at the end):

Servicing hardware INT=0x20
0x00000020:  movsl  %ds:(%esi),%es:(%edi)
0x00000021:  incb   (%eax)
0x00000023:  lock xchg %ebp,%ecx
0x00000026:  add    %dh,%al
0x00000028:  sub    $0xd6,%al
0x0000002a:  add    %dh,%al
0x0000002c:  sub    $0xd6,%al
0x0000002e:  add    %dh,%al
0x00000030:  sub    $0xd6,%al
0x00000032:  add    %dh,%al
0x00000034:  sub    $0xd6,%al
0x00000036:  add    %dh,%al
0x00000038:  push   %edi
0x00000039:  out    %eax,(%dx)
0x0000003a:  add    %dh,%al
0x0000003c:  sub    $0xd6,%al
0x0000003e:  add    %dh,%al
0x00000040:  push   %eax
0x00000041:  push   %esi
0x00000042:  add    %al,%al
0x00000044:  dec    %ebp
0x00000045:  clc
0x00000046:  add    %dh,%al
0x00000048:  inc    %ecx
0x00000049:  clc
0x0000004a:  add    %dh,%al
0x0000004c:  (bad)
0x0000004d:  jecxz  0x4f
Disassembler disagrees with translator over instruction decoding
Please report this to address@hidden

So here i am, reportin this. Is this my shitty code, or your emulator?
Olgierd (m00nd3ck)

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