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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH COLO-Frame (Base) v20 00/17] COarse-grain LOck-s

From: Hailiang Zhang
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH COLO-Frame (Base) v20 00/17] COarse-grain LOck-stepping(COLO) Virtual Machines for Non-stop Service (FT)
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2016 09:21:36 +0800
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On 2016/10/5 20:13, Amit Shah wrote:
On (Fri) 30 Sep 2016 [14:27:26], Hailiang Zhang wrote:
On 2016/9/30 13:53, Amit Shah wrote:

In the meanwhile, can you check why the autobuilder fails to compile
with your patchset?

Yes, It was related to the 9th patch, where i used %lu to print value of 
'uint64_t' type
which is incorrect. I think it can be fixed by use 'PRIu64' to print uint64_t 

The wrong codes are:
+        if (total_size != value) {
+            error_report("Got %lu VMState data, less than expected %lu",
+                         total_size, value);
+            goto out;
+        }

+        if (total_size != value) {
+            error_report("Got%" PRIu64 " VMState data, less than expected %" 
+                         total_size, value);
+            goto out;
+        }

Should i resend this series with this be fixed now ?

It's easier if you resend, that way it reduces the maintainer's burden
and makes reviewing/applying patches faster!

OK, I'll resend this series later, I saw Juan has sent a pull request,
It seems that some patches in that series conflicts with this patch-set,
I'll update this series based on that series.




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