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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 1/1] block: add missed BDRV_O_NOCACHE when block

From: Kevin Wolf
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 1/1] block: add missed BDRV_O_NOCACHE when block device is opened without file
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 10:53:56 +0100
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Am 25.01.2017 um 20:44 hat Denis V. Lunev geschrieben:
> This is what I have exactly started from:
> http://ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/enterprise/7Server/en/RHEV/SRPMS/qemu-kvm-rhev-2.6.0-27.el7.src.rpm
> This package starts VM well for the above mentioned configuration:
>     <disk type='file' device='cdrom'>
>       <driver name='qemu' type='raw' cache='none' io='native'/>
>       <target dev='sdb' bus='scsi'/>
>       <readonly/>
>     </disk>
> but the problem comes later at 'change' moment. It reports
> 'Details: internal error: unable to execute QEMU command 'change':
> aio=native was specified, but it requires cache.direct=on, which
> was not specified.)'
> Thus partial solution implemented by the RedHat is really
> partial and does not work at the second stage. I have started from

That's a downstream problem that is probably worth fixing, but of course
not with an upstream patch. Can you create a Bugzilla for this and
assign it to Max, John or me? (Putting the rest of us into the CC list)

> the problem for me is that each clone() call is costly and counts. That
> is why we are trying to avoid it whenever possible. That is why 'native'
> mode is MUCH better. Also it would be very nice not to use cached
> IO, which is very good for memory overcommit situations.
> Here I am fighting not with the performance, which does not make
> any real sense, but with a memory footprint.

This makes sense generally, but for empty CD-ROMs, no I/O request is
ever made, so neither Linux AIO nor the thread pool is used.

You only get a specific cache/aio mode once you actually insert a block
driver node to the virtual device.

> > Second, all this patch does is revert some changes done by commit
> > 91a097e7478940483e76d52217f05bc05b98d5a5, which was very deliberate.
> >
> > Third, you may then be asking for the recommended way to put an
> > aio=native medium into a CD-ROM drive. Good thing you ask, because we
> > have a way that we want to recommend but can't because it's still
> > considered experimental:
> >
> > The BDS is added using blockdev-add, with all of the appropriate caching
> > and aio options. Then it's inserted into the drive using the
> > x-blockdev-insert-medium command, and the drive is closed using
> > blockdev-close-tray.
> the problem, again, is that with x-blockdev-insert-medium I can not
> deal with block driver options, or may be I am missing something.

The thing that you insert with x-blockdev-insert-medium is a block
driver node that you presumably created with blockdev-add, so you did
have a chance to specify whichever options you want.


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