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[Qemu-devel] Fw: qemu integrator RAM size can't reach 128M when emulate

From: heavybird
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Fw: qemu integrator RAM size can't reach 128M when emulate the arm926
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 21:45:15 +0800

hi qemu-devel,

i tried use the integrator.c to emulate the arm926 which has 128M message but 
found the RAM size can use is less than 32M. steps below. the qemu usding is 

1  define the RAM from 0-128M in ld file.
2 write the test program to verify i can write/read the memory from 32M to 64M 
continuously with address directly.
3 always failed when the size is close to 32M even though i changed start 
4 error message:

qemu: hardware error: integratorcm_write3: Unimplemented offset 0x0

CPU #0:
R00=00000028 R01=00019000 R02=00000055 R03=10000000
R04=0000ea9c R05=00000505 R06=00000606 R07=00000707
R08=00000808 R09=00000909 R10=00001010 R11=0000feb4
R12=00000000 R13=0000fea8 R14=00000338 R15=00000300
PSR=20000153 --C- A svc32
s00=00000000 s01=00000000 d00=0000000000000000
s02=00000000 s03=00000000 d01=0000000000000000
s04=00000000 s05=00000000 d02=0000000000000000
s06=00000000 s07=00000000 d03=0000000000000000
s08=00000000 s09=00000000 d04=0000000000000000
s10=00000000 s11=00000000 d05=0000000000000000
s12=00000000 s13=00000000 d06=0000000000000000
s14=00000000 s15=00000000 d07=0000000000000000
s16=00000000 s17=00000000 d08=0000000000000000
s18=00000000 s19=00000000 d09=0000000000000000
s20=00000000 s21=00000000 d10=0000000000000000
s22=00000000 s23=00000000 d11=0000000000000000
s24=00000000 s25=00000000 d12=0000000000000000
s26=00000000 s27=00000000 d13=0000000000000000
s28=00000000 s29=00000000 d14=0000000000000000
s30=00000000 s31=00000000 d15=0000000000000000
FPSCR: 00000000


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