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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v2 00/22] ppc/xics: simplify ICS and ICP creatio

From: Cédric Le Goater
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v2 00/22] ppc/xics: simplify ICS and ICP creation
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 07:49:16 +0100
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On 02/23/2017 04:07 AM, David Gibson wrote:
>> FYI, the xics-cleanup branch has some issue with migration :
>> qemu-system-ppc64: VQ 0 size 0x80 < last_avail_idx 0x9f9 - used_idx 0x0
>> qemu-system-ppc64: Failed to load virtio-blk:virtio
>> qemu-system-ppc64: error while loading state for instance 0x0 of device 
>> 'address@hidden:01.0/virtio-blk'
>> This is most probably a temporary regression, unrelated to XICS 
>> though.
> Hmm.  I'm lss sure.  This series changes the qom paths of ics and icp
> devices, which I'd expect to mess with migration, though I haven't had
> a chance to actually check yet.

Just to be clear, the problem occurs without this patchset. 
It's inherent to the branch, but you will need the fix on 
XICS to start the guest.


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