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Re: [Qemu-devel] [v21 RESEND 1/2] virtio-crypto: Add virtio crypto devic

From: Stefan Hajnoczi
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [v21 RESEND 1/2] virtio-crypto: Add virtio crypto device specification
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 17:02:37 +0000
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On Mon, Nov 06, 2017 at 02:58:47PM +0800, Longpeng(Mike) wrote:
> From: Gonglei <address@hidden>
> The virtio crypto device is a virtual crypto device (ie. hardware
> crypto accelerator card). Currently, the virtio crypto device provides
> the following crypto services: CIPHER, MAC, HASH, and AEAD.
> In this patch, CIPHER, MAC, HASH, AEAD services are introduced.
> VIRTIO-153
> Signed-off-by: Gonglei <address@hidden>
> Signed-off-by: Longpeng(Mike) <address@hidden>

This doesn't build cleanly for me on commit
(https://github.com/oasis-tcs/virtio-spec master):

  $ ./makeall.sh
  ! LaTeX Error: Lonely \item--perhaps a missing list environment.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.384 \item I
             f the VIRTIO_CRYPTO_F_MUX_MODE feature bit is NOT negotiated, the

> diff --git a/acknowledgements.tex b/acknowledgements.tex
> index 6c86d12..c4b6844 100644
> --- a/acknowledgements.tex
> +++ b/acknowledgements.tex
> @@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ Sasha Levin,        Oracle  \newline
>  Sergey Tverdyshev,   Thales e-Security       \newline
>  Stefan Hajnoczi,     Red Hat \newline
>  Tom Lyon,    Samya Systems, Inc.     \newline
> +Lei Gong,    Huawei  \newline
> +Peng Long,   Huawei  \newline
>  \end{oasistitlesection}
>  The following non-members have provided valuable feedback on this
> @@ -43,4 +45,5 @@ Laura Novich, Red Hat       \newline
>  Patrick Durusau,     Technical Advisory Board, OASIS \newline
>  Thomas Huth, IBM     \newline
>  Yan Vugenfirer, Red Hat / Daynix     \newline
> +Halil Pasic, IBM     \newline
>  \end{oasistitlesection}

These lists of names are in alphabetical order.  Please insert names at
the appropriate place.

> +If VIRTIO_CRYPTO_F_MUX_MODE is negotioated the device may support both 
> session mode


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