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[Qemu-devel] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 2.11.0-rc2 is now available

From: Michael Roth
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 2.11.0-rc2 is now available
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2017 13:08:09 -0600
User-agent: alot/0.6


On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of the
third release candidate for the QEMU 2.11 release.  This release is meant
for testing purposes and should not be used in a production environment.


You can help improve the quality of the QEMU 2.11 release by testing this
release and reporting bugs on Launchpad:


The release plan, as well a documented known issues for release
candidates, are available at:


Please add entries to the ChangeLog for the 2.11 release below:


Changes since rc1:

a15d835f00: Update version for v2.11.0-rc2 release (Peter Maydell)
d975301dc8: qemu-iotest: add test for blockjob coroutine race condition (Jeff 
a2339699c3: qemu-iotests: add option in common.qemu for mismatch only (Jeff 
6133b39f3c: coroutine: abort if we try to schedule or enter a pending coroutine 
(Jeff Cody)
4afeffc857: blockjob: do not allow coroutine double entry or 
entry-after-completion (Jeff Cody)
7c3d1917fd: build: disarm the TCG unit test trap (Daniel P. Berrange)
2807746ff1: iotests: Fix 176 on 32-bit host (Eric Blake)
50a3efb0f0: block: Close a BlockDriverState completely even when bs->drv is 
NULL (Alberto Garcia)
70a5afedd6: block: Error out on load_vm with active dirty bitmaps (Kevin Wolf)
2b624fe079: block: Add errp to bdrv_all_goto_snapshot() (Kevin Wolf)
0b62bcbc61: block: Add errp to bdrv_snapshot_goto() (Kevin Wolf)
1f4ad7d3b8: block: Don't request I/O permission with BDRV_O_NO_IO (Kevin Wolf)
dacaa16238: block: Don't use BLK_PERM_CONSISTENT_READ for format probing (Kevin 
70b7fba987: Use HTTPS for qemu.org and other domains (Stefan Hajnoczi)
1b3bbc6887: Use qemu.org domain name (Stefan Hajnoczi)
d0dead3b6d: scripts/make-release: ship u-boot source as a tarball (Michael Roth)
34d49937e4: accel/tcg: Handle atomic accesses to notdirty memory correctly 
(Peter Maydell)
2726627197: exec.c: Factor out before/after actions for notdirty memory writes 
(Peter Maydell)
df83eabd52: qga: replace GetIfEntry with GetIfEntry2 for interface stats 
(ZhiPeng Lu)
6cbf1ec85c: pc-bios/s390-ccw.img: update image (Cornelia Huck)
f516511ea8: linux-user: Fix calculation of auxv length (Peter Maydell)
b350ae138f: hw/arm: Silence xlnx-ep108 deprecation warning during tests (Thomas 
b6e70d1d7f: hw/arm/aspeed: Unlock SCU when running kernel (Joel Stanley)
50cd71b0d3: arm: check regime, not current state, for ATS write PAR format 
(Peter Maydell)
2b75ef01ca: nvic: Fix ARMv7M MPU_RBAR reads (Peter Maydell)
96a8b92ed8: target/arm: Report GICv3 sysregs present in ID registers if needed 
(Peter Maydell)
b11ce33fe0: Revert "cpu-exec: don't overwrite exception_index" (Peter Maydell)
8775d91a0f: pc-bios/s390-ccw: Fix problem with invalid virtio-scsi LUN when 
rebooting (Thomas Huth)
7337c6eb98: s390x/tcg: fix DIAG 308 with > 1 VCPU (MTTCG) (David Hildenbrand)
dc0bbef5e6: s390x: fix storing CPU status (again) (David Hildenbrand)
c527e0afcd: hw/net/vmxnet3: Fix code to work on big endian hosts, too (Thomas 
0dacea92d2: net: Transmit zero UDP checksum as 0xFFFF (Ed Swierk)
ebc2327f07: MAINTAINERS: Add missing entry for eepro100 emulation (Stefan Weil)
8f8e8053d9: hw/net/eepro100: Fix endianness problem on big endian hosts (Thomas 
2ec405524e: Revert "Add new PCI ID for i82559a" (Jason Wang)
4d36623520: colo-compare: fix the dangerous assignment (Mao Zhongyi)
8251248394: spapr: reset DRCs after devices (Greg Kurz)
7abd43baec: target/ppc: Update setting of cpu features to account for compat 
modes (Suraj Jitindar Singh)
c0012e9a22: iotests: Make 087 pass without AIO enabled (Max Reitz)
5e003f17ec: block: Make bdrv_next() keep strong references (Max Reitz)
08546bcfb2: qcow2: Fix overly broad madvise() (Max Reitz)
4efb1f7c61: qcow2: Refuse to get unaligned offsets from cache (Max Reitz)
23482f8a60: qcow2: Add bounds check to get_refblock_offset() (Max Reitz)
d470ad42ac: block: Guard against NULL bs->drv (Max Reitz)
93bbaf03ff: qcow2: Unaligned zero cluster in handle_alloc() (Max Reitz)
791fff504c: qcow2: check_errors are fatal (Max Reitz)
3e3b838ffe: qcow2: reject unaligned offsets in write compressed (Anton Nefedov)
2b7731938d: iotests: Add test for failing qemu-img commit (Max Reitz)
1b76e8389b: tests: Add check-qobject for equality tests (Max Reitz)
791cbccc94: iotests: Add test for non-string option reopening (Max Reitz)
54fd1b0d26: block: qobject_is_equal() in bdrv_reopen_prepare() (Max Reitz)
b38dd678a2: qapi: Add qobject_is_equal() (Max Reitz)
254bf807e5: qapi/qlist: Add qlist_append_null() macro (Max Reitz)
84be629d55: qapi/qnull: Add own header (Max Reitz)
4096974e18: qcow2: fix image corruption on commit with persistent bitmap (Eric 
3590cd0f04: iotests: test clearing unknown autoclear_features by qcow2 
(Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy)
dafe096057: block: Fix permissions in image activation (Kevin Wolf)
fed5f8f820: nbd/server: Fix error reporting for bad requests (Eric Blake)
01b05c66a3: nbd/client: Don't hard-disconnect on ESHUTDOWN from server (Eric 
cb6b1a3fc3: nbd/client: Use error_prepend() correctly (Eric Blake)
08ace1d753: nbd: Don't crash when server reports NBD_CMD_READ failure (Eric 
f06033295b: qcow2: fix image corruption after committing qcow2 image into base 
(Daniel P. Berrange)
398e6ad014: block: Deprecate bdrv_set_read_only() and users (Kevin Wolf)
f66afbe26f: qcow2: don't permit changing encryption parameters (Daniel P. 
6473069416: block: Fix error path in bdrv_backing_update_filename() (Kevin Wolf)
c60f6fcfbd: qemu-iotests: Use -nographic in 182 (Kevin Wolf)
611e0653ad: replication: Fix replication open fail (Wang Guang)
3831c07b89: tests/bios-tables-test: Fix endianess problems when passing data to 
iasl (Thomas Huth)
f865da7c36: build-sys: restrict vmcoreinfo to fw_cfg+dma capable targets 
(Marc-André Lureau)
b948bb55da: vmcoreinfo: put it in the 'misc' device category (Marc-André Lureau)
7b8be49d36: NUMA: Enable adding NUMA node implicitly (Dou Liyang)
45bd4b1c09: tests/acpi-test-data: update _CRS in DSDT (Michael S. Tsirkin)
2d0f99ed38: hw/pcie-pci-bridge: restrict to X86 and ARM (Marcel Apfelbaum)
9fa99d2519: hw/pci-host: Fix x86 Host Bridges 64bit PCI hole (Marcel Apfelbaum)
d06bce95ff: pci: Initialize pci_dev->name before use (Alexey Kardashevskiy)
7abea552ab: fix: unrealize virtio device if we fail to hotplug it (linzhecheng)
341e0b5658: throttle-groups: forget timer and schedule next TGM on detach 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
bcf43cdc17: sdl2: Fix broken display updating after the window is hidden 
(Jindrich Makovicka)
24952847ad: sdl2: Do not leave grab when fullscreen (Jindrich Makovicka)
cd6d78b718: sdl2: Fix dead keyboard after fullsceen (Jindrich Makovicka)
253347e100: sdl2: Use the same pointer show/hide logic for absolute and 
relative mode (Jindrich Makovicka)
fc49e7279d: sdl2: Do not quit the emulator when an auxilliary window is closed 
(Jindrich Makovicka)
4950b1a766: fix scripts/update-linux-headers.sh here document (Gerd Hoffmann)
07c114bbf3: exec: Do not resolve subpage in mru_section (Paolo Bonzini)
6cd65969da: tpm_tis: Return 0 for every register in case of failure mode 
(Stefan Berger)
ad4aca69bb: tpm_tis: Return TPM_VERSION_UNSPEC in case of BE failure (Stefan 
17b1af773e: tpm-emulator: protect concurrent ctrl_chr access (Marc-André Lureau)
83e83c34b2: specs: Extend TPM spec with TPM emulator description (Stefan Berger)
3c5f9c3f35: target/arm: Fix GETPC usage in do_paired_cmpxchg64_l/be (Richard 
3bdb5fcc9a: target/arm: Use helper_retaddr in stxp helpers (Richard Henderson)
ec603b5584: tcg: Record code_gen_buffer address for user-only memory helpers 
(Richard Henderson)
26a5db322b: util/stats64: Fix min/max comparisons (Max Reitz)
17b50b0c29: cpu-exec: avoid cpu_exec_nocache infinite loop with record/replay 
(Pavel Dovgalyuk)
e01cecabf3: cpu-exec: don't overwrite exception_index (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
9200361060: vhost-user-scsi: add missing virtqueue_size param (Dariusz 
6976af663d: target-i386: adds PV_TLB_FLUSH CPUID feature bit (Wanpeng Li)
54113dd5eb: thread-posix: fix qemu_rec_mutex_trylock macro (Emilio G. Cota)
b8e535ae8a: Makefile: simpler/faster "make help" (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
a2e6ffab97: ioapic/tracing: Remove last DPRINTFs (Dr. David Alan Gilbert)
78bfef72fb: linux-user: Handle rt_sigaction correctly for SPARC (Peter Maydell)
8d8cb956e0: linux-user/sparc: Put address for data faults where linux-user 
expects it (Peter Maydell)
15e692a6fc: linux-user/ppc: Report correct fault address for data faults (Peter 
f2d34df3c1: linux-user/s390x: Mask si_addr for SIGSEGV (Peter Maydell)
a8b154a637: linux-user: return EINVAL from prctl(PR_*_SECCOMP) (James Cowgill)
a4dd3d5172: linux-user: fix 'finshed' typo in comment (Emilio G. Cota)
8bf8e9df4a: linux-user/syscall.c: Handle SH4's exceptional alignment for 
p{read, write}64 (James Clarke)
541e169042: linux-user: Handle TARGET_MAP_STACK and TARGET_MAP_HUGETLB (Helge 
3d60c84dea: linux-user/hppa: Fix TARGET_F_RDLCK, TARGET_F_WRLCK, TARGET_F_UNLCK 
(Helge Deller)
e65be6a7cf: linux-user/hppa: Fix TARGET_MAP_TYPE (Helge Deller)
92afb15310: linux-user/hppa: Fix typo for TARGET_NR_epoll_wait (Helge Deller)
fc37dcfe1a: linux-user/hppa: Fix cpu_clone_regs (Richard Henderson)
2da6e76cca: linux-user/hppa: Fix TARGET_SA_* defines (Helge Deller)
7f047de18c: linux-user: Restrict usage of sa_restorer (Richard Henderson)
e5a11847c4: Enable 8-byte wide MMIO for 16550 serial devices (Mike Nawrocki)

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