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Re: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH 1/1] s390x/css: unresrict cssids

From: Cornelia Huck
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH 1/1] s390x/css: unresrict cssids
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 11:22:33 +0100

On Tue, 28 Nov 2017 09:53:15 +0100
Boris Fiuczynski <address@hidden> wrote:

> On 11/27/2017 05:56 PM, Cornelia Huck wrote:
> > Proposal 2: Export the default cssid as a machine property. If this
> > property exists, it also implies that devices can be put into any css
> > image (although it makes the most sense to put them into the default
> > css image as indicated by the property). Can be made r/w later if it is
> > too much for 2.12.  
> Just as a side discussion:
> I know of qom command query-machines but that does not seem to provide 
> the information you suggest to use with proposal 2.
> What qom command do you suggest to use for the introspection of the 
> machine options access mode?

Is qom-get what you are looking for?

virsh # qemu-monitor-command vm1 --pretty '{ "execute": "qom-get", "arguments": 
{ "path": "/machine/", "property": "accel"} }'
  "return": "kvm",
  "id": "libvirt-18"

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