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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PULL 0/7] bitmap export over NBD

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PULL 0/7] bitmap export over NBD
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2018 06:52:24 -0500
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On 06/21/2018 04:03 AM, Peter Maydell wrote:
On 21 June 2018 at 04:19, Eric Blake <address@hidden> wrote:
The following changes since commit 46012db666990ff2eed1d3dc199ab8006439a93b:

   Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/cohuck/tags/s390x-20180619' into 
staging (2018-06-20 09:51:30 +0100)

are available in the Git repository at:

   git://repo.or.cz/qemu/ericb.git tags/pull-nbd-2018-06-20

for you to fetch changes up to 5bde4bbbd1e217c323551d2785a0efff6340d840:

   docs/interop: add nbd.txt (2018-06-20 21:20:05 -0500)

nbd patches for 2018-06-20

Add experimental x-nbd-server-add-bitmap to expose a disabled
bitmap over NBD, in preparation for a pull model incremental
backup scheme.

- Eric Blake: tests: Simplify .gitignore
- Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy: 0/6 NBD export bitmaps

The patchew errors for this pullreq look like they're real --
do you want to fix them up and resend?

False positive, but I will respin to silence it, and to fix an independent issue that Vladimir found.

Eric Blake, Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat, Inc.           +1-919-301-3266
Virtualization:  qemu.org | libvirt.org

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