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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v5 23/35] target/arm: Implement SVE floating-poi

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v5 23/35] target/arm: Implement SVE floating-point convert precision
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 21:02:33 -0700
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On 06/26/2018 03:44 AM, Peter Maydell wrote:
> A comment to the effect that the SVE fp-to-fp conversion
> routines always use IEEE format halfprec (ie ignore FPCR.AHP)
> would be helpful.


> Are you sure we have the FPCR.FZ16 handling right here? That
> is, do we need the same "use the not-fp16 fpstatus pointer,
> and temporarily clear the flush flag for the fp16 end of
> the conversion" behaviour that we have in vfp_fcvt_f16_to_f32
> and friends ? The pseudocode FPConvertSVE() calls FPConvert(),
> which is the "ignore FZ16" codepath I think. The test case would
> be (eg) a conversion where the input f16 is denormal and
> FPCR.FZ == 1: this should not do the flush-input-to-zero, right?

Yes, I read it the same way.  I guess both my and Alex's RISU
test cases didn't exercise this?


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