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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PULL 11/20] iotests: add iotest 236 for testing bitmap

From: John Snow
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PULL 11/20] iotests: add iotest 236 for testing bitmap merge
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 21:03:15 -0500
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On 1/30/19 12:27 PM, Kevin Wolf wrote:
> Am 14.01.2019 um 17:25 hat Eric Blake geschrieben:
>> From: John Snow <address@hidden>
>> New interface, new smoke test.
>> Signed-off-by: John Snow <address@hidden>
>> Reviewed-by: Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy <address@hidden>
>> Reviewed-by: Eric Blake <address@hidden>
>> Message-Id: <address@hidden>
>> [eblake: fix last-minute change to echo text]
>> Signed-off-by: Eric Blake <address@hidden>
> This test fails for me (with Python 3) because I get a different dict
> order.
> Probably related to the OrderedDict that qmp_log() uses, so log() uses
> sort_keys=False and the unordered dicts that are contained in the outer
> OrderedDict stay unordered.
> Kevin

OK, the problem is that ordered_kwargs() is not recursively ordering
those kwargs beneath list entries, so transactions are avoiding the sort.

Patch coming up, thank you for the report and my apologies for breaking
iotests so often this cycle.

(While I'm here, how do you configure iotests to use your python3
binary? I tried at configure time but that breaks the build for me with
some "magic number" errors. I could toy with it after by editing
common.env, but should the build work with python3?)

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