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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 0/4] iothread: create gcontext unconditionally

From: Peter Xu
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 0/4] iothread: create gcontext unconditionally
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 11:14:09 +0800

When I first read the iothread code, the gcontext confused me for
quite a while.  Meanwhile, I've been tackling with some races due to
this complexity as well.  How much we'll pay for creating the gcontext
unconditionally?  Do we really need this flexibitily (or is it really
a flexibility after all)?  I don't see much gain of existing code, but
I might be wrong.  Anyway, I wrote this patchset to see how the list
would think about it.

This series directly originates from previous discussion with
Marc-Andre where there's a slightly hacky way to try to acquire the


Now with this series logically above patch is not needed any more.
Please read patch 4 for more information.

And if this patchset can survive... how about running gcontext
directly in iothread_run()?  I believe there could be a bit more
things to clean but I'll see.

Make check passes for me.

Comments welcomed.  Thanks,

Peter Xu (4):
  iothread: replace init_done_cond with a semaphore
  iothread: create the gcontext onconditionally
  iothread: create main loop unconditionally
  iothread: push gcontext earlier in the thread_fn

 include/sysemu/iothread.h |  5 +--
 iothread.c                | 77 +++++++++++++++------------------------
 2 files changed, 32 insertions(+), 50 deletions(-)


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