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bitmap migration bug with -drive while block mirror runs

From: John Snow
Subject: bitmap migration bug with -drive while block mirror runs
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2019 20:09:28 -0400
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Hi folks, I identified a problem with the migration code that Red Hat QE
found and thought you'd like to see it:


Very, very briefly: drive-mirror inserts a filter node that changes what
bdrv_get_device_or_node_name() returns, which causes a migration problem.

Ignorant question #1: Can we multi-parent the filter node and
source-node? It looks like at the moment both consider their only parent
to be the block-job and don't have a link back to their parents otherwise.

Otherwise: I have a lot of cloudy ideas on how to solve this, but
ultimately what we want is to be able to find the "addressable" name for
the node the bitmap is attached to, which would be the name of the first
ancestor node that isn't a filter. (OR, the name of the block-backend
above that node.)

A simple way to do this might be a "child_unfiltered" BdrvChild role
that simply bypasses the filter that was inserted and serves no real
purpose other than to allow the child to have a parent link and find who
it's """real""" parent is.

Because of flushing, reopen, sync, drain &c &c &c I'm not sure how
feasible this quick idea might be, though.

- Corollary fix #1: call error_setg if the bitmap node name that's about
to go over the wire is an autogenerated node: this is never correct!

(Why not? because the target is incapable of matching the node-name
because they are randomly generated AND you cannot specify node-names
with # prefixes as they are especially reserved!

(This raises a related problem: if you explicitly add bitmaps to nodes
with autogenerated names, you will be unable to migrate them.))


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