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[PATCH v5 00/26] nvme: support NVMe v1.3d, SGLs and multiple namespaces

From: Klaus Jensen
Subject: [PATCH v5 00/26] nvme: support NVMe v1.3d, SGLs and multiple namespaces
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2020 10:51:42 +0100


Changes since v4
 - Changed vendor and device id to use a Red Hat allocated one. For
   backwards compatibility add the 'x-use-intel-id' nvme device
   parameter. This is off by default but is added as a machine compat
   property to be true for machine types <= 4.2.

 - SGL mapping code has been refactored.

Comments specific to Beata's review:
 - [PATCH v4 19/24] nvme: handle dma errors
   I ended up not including any specific code for resetting the device
   when dma transfers fail for too long. If running I/O and then
   disabling bus master, the OS will (should) eventually reset the
   device and reenable bus mastering (this is the behavior in Linux at
   least). The device can maybe set CFS ("Controller Fail Status") in
   the BAR, but I have not explored that for now.

 - [PATCH v4 17/24] nvme: allow multiple aios per command
   I forgot to give an answer for your comment on the correctness of:

     if (unlikely((slba + nlb) > nsze)) {

   `slba` *is* the "address" of the first logical block, but it is in
   terms of logical blocks, so the condition should be correct. (and at
   this point `nlb` is no longer a 0's based value)

Klaus Jensen (26):
  nvme: rename trace events to nvme_dev
  nvme: remove superfluous breaks
  nvme: move device parameters to separate struct
  nvme: add missing fields in the identify data structures
  nvme: populate the mandatory subnqn and ver fields
  nvme: refactor nvme_addr_read
  nvme: add support for the abort command
  nvme: refactor device realization
  nvme: add temperature threshold feature
  nvme: add support for the get log page command
  nvme: add support for the asynchronous event request command
  nvme: add missing mandatory features
  nvme: additional tracing
  nvme: make sure ncqr and nsqr is valid
  nvme: bump supported specification to 1.3
  nvme: refactor prp mapping
  nvme: allow multiple aios per command
  nvme: use preallocated qsg/iov in nvme_dma_prp
  pci: pass along the return value of dma_memory_rw
  nvme: handle dma errors
  nvme: add support for scatter gather lists
  nvme: support multiple namespaces
  pci: allocate pci id for nvme
  nvme: change controller pci id
  nvme: remove redundant NvmeCmd pointer parameter
  nvme: make lba data size configurable

 MAINTAINERS            |    1 +
 block/nvme.c           |   18 +-
 docs/specs/nvme.txt    |   10 +
 docs/specs/pci-ids.txt |    1 +
 hw/block/Makefile.objs |    2 +-
 hw/block/nvme-ns.c     |  158 ++++
 hw/block/nvme-ns.h     |   62 ++
 hw/block/nvme.c        | 2012 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 hw/block/nvme.h        |  201 +++-
 hw/block/trace-events  |  204 ++--
 hw/core/machine.c      |    1 +
 include/block/nvme.h   |  143 ++-
 include/hw/pci/pci.h   |    4 +-
 13 files changed, 2266 insertions(+), 551 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 docs/specs/nvme.txt
 create mode 100644 hw/block/nvme-ns.c
 create mode 100644 hw/block/nvme-ns.h


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