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Re: [GSoC/Outreachy QEMU proposal] Extend support for ioctls in QEMU lin

From: Stefan Hajnoczi
Subject: Re: [GSoC/Outreachy QEMU proposal] Extend support for ioctls in QEMU linux-user mode
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 10:45:10 +0000

On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 09:37:04AM +0100, Laurent Vivier wrote:
> Le 30/01/2020 à 12:52, Peter Maydell a écrit :
> > On Thu, 30 Jan 2020 at 11:20, Laurent Vivier <address@hidden> wrote:
> >>
> >> Le 30/01/2020 à 12:09, Aleksandar Markovic a écrit :
> >>> Laurent, all this seems to be dependant on whether you are ready to
> >>> mentor the project. Are you?
> >>
> >> Yes, of course.
> >>
> >>> The deadline for submitting GSoC/Outreachy projects (within QEMU) is
> >>> just around the corner (Feb 1). I leave to Laurent or Peter (should they
> >>> give "go" to this proposal) to officially submit the project on our wiki
> >>> page created for that purpose, in the form they deem the best.
> >>
> >> Peter, is it ok for you?
> > 
> > I don't really have the time to do GSoC mentoring projects;
> > if you are willing to do the mentoring then that's great.
> No problem. I will. I asked only to be sure you don't see any problem.
> Stefan,  I think it's your role to add the project to the wiki page.
> Could you?

Great, I'll add it now.

You are welcome to add project ideas to the wiki in the future.


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