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[PULL 00/46] target-arm queue

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: [PULL 00/46] target-arm queue
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 14:40:59 +0000

Big pullreq this week, since it's got RTH's PAN/UAO/ATS1E1
implementation in it, and also Philippe's raspi board model
cleanup patchset, as well as a scattering of smaller stuff.

-- PMM

The following changes since commit 7ce9ce89930ce260af839fb3e3e5f9101f5c69a0:

  Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kraxel/tags/ui-20200212-pull-request' 
into staging (2020-02-13 11:06:32 +0000)

are available in the Git repository at:


for you to fetch changes up to dc7a88d0810ad272bdcd2e0869359af78fdd9114:

  target/arm: Implement ARMv8.1-VMID16 extension (2020-02-13 14:30:51 +0000)

target-arm queue:
 * i.MX: Fix inverted sense of register bits in watchdog timer
 * i.MX: Add support for WDT on i.MX6
 * arm/virt: cleanups to ACPI tables
 * Implement ARMv8.1-VMID16 extension
 * Implement ARMv8.1-PAN
 * Implement ARMv8.2-UAO
 * Implement ARMv8.2-ATS1E1
 * ast2400/2500/2600: Wire up EHCI controllers
 * hw/char/exynos4210_uart: Fix memleaks in exynos4210_uart_init
 * hw/arm/raspi: Clean up the board code

Chen Qun (1):
      hw/char/exynos4210_uart: Fix memleaks in exynos4210_uart_init

Guenter Roeck (2):
      hw/arm: ast2400/ast2500: Wire up EHCI controllers
      hw/arm: ast2600: Wire up EHCI controllers

Heyi Guo (7):
      bios-tables-test: prepare to change ARM virt ACPI DSDT
      arm/virt/acpi: remove meaningless sub device "RP0" from PCI0
      arm/virt/acpi: remove _ADR from devices identified by _HID
      arm/acpi: fix PCI _PRT definition
      arm/acpi: fix duplicated _UID of PCI interrupt link devices
      arm/acpi: simplify the description of PCI _CRS
      virt/acpi: update golden masters for DSDT update

Peter Maydell (1):
      target/arm: Implement ARMv8.1-VMID16 extension

Philippe Mathieu-Daudé (13):
      hw/arm/raspi: Use BCM2708 machine type with pre Device Tree kernels
      hw/arm/raspi: Correct the board descriptions
      hw/arm/raspi: Extract the version from the board revision
      hw/arm/raspi: Extract the RAM size from the board revision
      hw/arm/raspi: Extract the processor type from the board revision
      hw/arm/raspi: Trivial code movement
      hw/arm/raspi: Make machines children of abstract RaspiMachineClass
      hw/arm/raspi: Make board_rev a field of RaspiMachineClass
      hw/arm/raspi: Let class_init() directly call raspi_machine_init()
      hw/arm/raspi: Set default RAM size to size encoded in board revision
      hw/arm/raspi: Extract the board model from the board revision
      hw/arm/raspi: Use a unique raspi_machine_class_init() method
      hw/arm/raspi: Extract the cores count from the board revision

Richard Henderson (20):
      target/arm: Add arm_mmu_idx_is_stage1_of_2
      target/arm: Add mmu_idx for EL1 and EL2 w/ PAN enabled
      target/arm: Add isar_feature tests for PAN + ATS1E1
      target/arm: Move LOR regdefs to file scope
      target/arm: Split out aarch32_cpsr_valid_mask
      target/arm: Mask CPSR_J when Jazelle is not enabled
      target/arm: Replace CPSR_ERET_MASK with aarch32_cpsr_valid_mask
      target/arm: Use aarch32_cpsr_valid_mask in helper_exception_return
      target/arm: Remove CPSR_RESERVED
      target/arm: Introduce aarch64_pstate_valid_mask
      target/arm: Update MSR access for PAN
      target/arm: Update arm_mmu_idx_el for PAN
      target/arm: Enforce PAN semantics in get_S1prot
      target/arm: Set PAN bit as required on exception entry
      target/arm: Implement ATS1E1 system registers
      target/arm: Enable ARMv8.2-ATS1E1 in -cpu max
      target/arm: Add ID_AA64MMFR2_EL1
      target/arm: Update MSR access to UAO
      target/arm: Implement UAO semantics
      target/arm: Enable ARMv8.2-UAO in -cpu max

Roman Kapl (2):
      i.MX: Fix inverted register bits in wdt code.
      i.MX: Add support for WDT on i.MX6

 include/hw/arm/aspeed_soc.h       |   6 +
 include/hw/arm/fsl-imx6.h         |   3 +
 target/arm/cpu-param.h            |   2 +-
 target/arm/cpu.h                  |  95 ++++++++---
 target/arm/internals.h            |  85 ++++++++++
 hw/arm/aspeed_ast2600.c           |  23 +++
 hw/arm/aspeed_soc.c               |  25 +++
 hw/arm/fsl-imx6.c                 |  21 +++
 hw/arm/raspi.c                    | 190 ++++++++++++++++------
 hw/arm/virt-acpi-build.c          |  25 +--
 hw/char/exynos4210_uart.c         |   5 +-
 hw/misc/imx2_wdt.c                |   2 +-
 target/arm/cpu.c                  |   4 +
 target/arm/cpu64.c                |  10 ++
 target/arm/helper-a64.c           |   6 +-
 target/arm/helper.c               | 327 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 target/arm/kvm64.c                |   2 +
 target/arm/op_helper.c            |  14 +-
 target/arm/translate-a64.c        |  31 ++++
 target/arm/translate.c            |  42 +++--
 tests/data/acpi/virt/DSDT         | Bin 18462 -> 5307 bytes
 tests/data/acpi/virt/DSDT.memhp   | Bin 19799 -> 6644 bytes
 tests/data/acpi/virt/DSDT.numamem | Bin 18462 -> 5307 bytes
 23 files changed, 731 insertions(+), 187 deletions(-)

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