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[Bug 1863601] Re: unable to type "|" character in french keyboard.

From: Daniel Berrange
Subject: [Bug 1863601] Re: unable to type "|" character in french keyboard.
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 14:01:37 -0000

Actually you explicitly do *NOT* want to select any keymap in virt-
manager in general. Picking a keymap disables the VNC protocol extension
for raw scancodes. This means that QEMU has to do keymap <-> scancode
conversion. In such a setup the host OS desktop keymap, the QEMU keymap
and the guest OS keymap all have to match perfectly to avoid bad

By *not* selecting a keymap, virt-manager gets raw scancodes on the
local host OS desktop and passes them unmodified to QEMU, which then
passes them on to the guest OS. In this case, the guest OS keymap is the
only thing that has todo conversions & this should be reliable.

The only reason to select a keymap for QEMU is if you need to use legacy
VNC clients which don't support the raw scancode protocol extension.
This shouldn't be required if using virt-manager only. Ideally virt-
manager should not even show this config option by default.

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  unable to type "|" character in french keyboard.

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  Unable to type "|" character when using french keyboard. It is
  displaying "<" instead of "|" while pressing AltGr+6 from my keyboard.

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