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Re: [PATCH 2/2] hw/arm/armv7m: Downgrade CPU reset handler priority

From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
Subject: Re: [PATCH 2/2] hw/arm/armv7m: Downgrade CPU reset handler priority
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2020 11:57:36 +0100
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Hi Peter,

On 2/27/20 2:35 PM, Philippe Mathieu-Daudé wrote:
On 2/27/20 1:13 PM, Peter Maydell wrote:
On Thu, 27 Feb 2020 at 11:27, Stephanos Ioannidis <address@hidden> wrote:

The ARMv7-M CPU reset handler, which loads the initial SP and PC
register values from the vector table, is currently executed before
the ROM reset handler (rom_reset), and this causes the devices that
alias low memory region (e.g. STM32F405 that aliases the flash memory
located at 0x8000000 to 0x0) to load an invalid reset vector of 0 when
the kernel image is linked to be loaded at the high memory address.

For instance, it is norm for the STM32F405 firmware ELF image to have
the text and rodata sections linked at 0x8000000, as this facilitates
proper image loading by the firmware burning utility, and the processor
can execute in place from the high flash memory address region as well.

In order to resolve this issue, this commit downgrades the ARMCPU reset
handler invocation priority level to -1 such that it is always executed
after the ROM reset handler, which has a priority level of 0.

I think we should be able to do this with the new 3-phase
reset API : the rom loader reset should happen in phase 2,
and the Arm CPU should only load the new PC and SP in
phase 3. It's on my todo list to write some code for this
to see if this theory works out.

I'd prefer it if we do it that way, or alternatively find
out for certain that that approach does not work, before
we add a reset-priority concept to the reset APIs.

FYI I hit the same problem testing the RX port which on reset loads $PC at 0xfffffffc. Using Stephanos's previous patch and qemu_register_reset_with_priority() in cpu_realize(), the issue is fixed.
I plan to carry the patch in the RX series until we find an alternative.


(In particular, this use of qemu_register_reset to arrange for
the CPU to be reset should ideally go away in favour of having
the CPU reset handled by the SoC which owns the CPU, so it's
not a good long-term way to look at trying to fix ordering issues.)

And your "cpu: Use DeviceClass reset instead of a special CPUClass reset​" patch goes into that direction :)

It would be nice to get ride of qemu_register_reset with the reset API :)

-- PMM

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