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Re: [PATCH 05/14] hw/i386/vmport: Report VMX type in CMD_GETVERSION

From: Liran Alon
Subject: Re: [PATCH 05/14] hw/i386/vmport: Report VMX type in CMD_GETVERSION
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 14:25:28 +0200
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On 10/03/2020 14:14, Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 01:54:02AM +0200, Liran Alon wrote:
As can be seen from VmCheck_GetVersion() in open-vm-tools code,
CMD_GETVERSION should return VMX type in ECX register.

Default is to fake host as VMware ESX server. But user can control
this value by "-global vmport.vmx-type=X".

Reviewed-by: Nikita Leshenko <address@hidden>
Signed-off-by: Liran Alon <address@hidden>
  hw/i386/vmport.c | 13 +++++++++++++
  1 file changed, 13 insertions(+)

diff --git a/hw/i386/vmport.c b/hw/i386/vmport.c
index a2c8ff4b59cf..c03f57f2f636 100644
--- a/hw/i386/vmport.c
+++ b/hw/i386/vmport.c
@@ -36,6 +36,15 @@
  #define VMPORT_ENTRIES 0x2c
  #define VMPORT_MAGIC   0x564D5868
+typedef enum {
+   VMX_TYPE_EXPRESS,    /* Deprecated type used for VMware Express */
+   VMX_TYPE_SCALABLE_SERVER,    /* VMware ESX server */
+   VMX_TYPE_WGS,        /* Deprecated type used for VMware Server */
+   VMX_TYPE_WORKSTATION_ENTERPRISE /* Deprecated type used for ACE 1.x */
+} VMX_Type;
Is this really VMX type? And do users care what it is?
This enum is copied from open-vm-tools source code (lib/include/vm_version.h). This is how it's called in VMware Tools terminology... Don't blame me :)
Also, how about friendlier string values so people don't need to
figure out code numbers?

I could have defined a new PropertyInfo struct in hw/core/qdev-properties.c for this enum and then define a proper macro in qdev-properties.h. But it seems like an overkill for a value that is suppose to rarely be changed. So I thought this should suffice for now for user-experience perspective.
If you think otherwise, I can do what I just suggested above.


  #define VMPORT(obj) OBJECT_CHECK(VMPortState, (obj), TYPE_VMPORT)
typedef struct VMPortState {
@@ -46,6 +55,7 @@ typedef struct VMPortState {
      void *opaque[VMPORT_ENTRIES];
uint32_t vmx_version;
+    uint8_t vmx_type;
  } VMPortState;
static VMPortState *port_state;
@@ -114,6 +124,7 @@ static uint32_t vmport_cmd_get_version(void *opaque, 
uint32_t addr)
      X86CPU *cpu = X86_CPU(current_cpu);
cpu->env.regs[R_EBX] = VMPORT_MAGIC;
+    cpu->env.regs[R_ECX] = port_state->vmx_type;
      return port_state->vmx_version;
@@ -173,6 +184,8 @@ static void vmport_realizefn(DeviceState *dev, Error **errp)
  static Property vmport_properties[] = {
      /* Default value taken from open-vm-tools code VERSION_MAGIC definition */
      DEFINE_PROP_UINT32("vmx-version", VMPortState, vmx_version, 6),
+    DEFINE_PROP_UINT8("vmx-type", VMPortState, vmx_type,
+                      VMX_TYPE_SCALABLE_SERVER),

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