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Re: [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v5 09/13] arm/arm64: ITS: Commands

From: Zenghui Yu
Subject: Re: [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v5 09/13] arm/arm64: ITS: Commands
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2020 17:09:02 +0800
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Hi Eric,

On 2020/3/10 22:54, Eric Auger wrote:
Implement main ITS commands. The code is largely inherited from
the ITS driver.

Signed-off-by: Eric Auger <address@hidden>


v3 -> v4:
- device's itt now is a VGA
- pass verbose to choose whether we shall print the cmd
- use printf instead of report_info

v2 -> v3:
- do not use report() anymore
- assert if cmd_write exceeds the queue capacity

v1 -> v2:
- removed its_print_cmd_state
  arm/Makefile.arm64         |   2 +-
  lib/arm64/asm/gic-v3-its.h |  57 +++++
  lib/arm64/gic-v3-its-cmd.c | 463 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  3 files changed, 521 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
  create mode 100644 lib/arm64/gic-v3-its-cmd.c

diff --git a/arm/Makefile.arm64 b/arm/Makefile.arm64
index 60182ae..dfd0c56 100644
--- a/arm/Makefile.arm64
+++ b/arm/Makefile.arm64
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ endef
  cstart.o = $(TEST_DIR)/cstart64.o
  cflatobjs += lib/arm64/processor.o
  cflatobjs += lib/arm64/spinlock.o
-cflatobjs += lib/arm64/gic-v3-its.o
+cflatobjs += lib/arm64/gic-v3-its.o lib/arm64/gic-v3-its-cmd.o
OBJDIRS += lib/arm64 diff --git a/lib/arm64/asm/gic-v3-its.h b/lib/arm64/asm/gic-v3-its.h
index 3da548b..889d6ce 100644
--- a/lib/arm64/asm/gic-v3-its.h
+++ b/lib/arm64/asm/gic-v3-its.h
@@ -102,6 +102,28 @@ extern struct its_data its_data;
  #define GITS_BASER_TYPE_DEVICE                1
+ * ITS commands
+ */
+#define GITS_CMD_MAPD                  0x08
+#define GITS_CMD_MAPC                  0x09
+#define GITS_CMD_MAPTI                 0x0a
+/* older GIC documentation used MAPVI for this command */
+#define GITS_CMD_MAPVI                 GITS_CMD_MAPTI

You can drop it.

+#define GITS_CMD_MAPI                  0x0b
+#define GITS_CMD_MOVI                  0x01
+#define GITS_CMD_DISCARD               0x0f
+#define GITS_CMD_INV                   0x0c
+#define GITS_CMD_MOVALL                        0x0e
+#define GITS_CMD_INVALL                        0x0d
+#define GITS_CMD_INT                   0x03
+#define GITS_CMD_CLEAR                 0x04
+#define GITS_CMD_SYNC                  0x05
+struct its_cmd_block {
+       u64 raw_cmd[4];
  extern void its_parse_typer(void);
  extern void its_init(void);
  extern int its_baser_lookup(int i, struct its_baser *baser);
@@ -109,4 +131,39 @@ extern void its_enable_defaults(void);
  extern struct its_device *its_create_device(u32 dev_id, int nr_ites);
  extern struct its_collection *its_create_collection(u32 col_id, u32 
+extern void __its_send_mapd(struct its_device *dev, int valid, bool verbose);
+extern void __its_send_mapc(struct its_collection *col, int valid, bool 
+extern void __its_send_mapti(struct its_device *dev, u32 irq_id, u32 event_id,
+                            struct its_collection *col, bool verbose);
+extern void __its_send_int(struct its_device *dev, u32 event_id, bool verbose);
+extern void __its_send_inv(struct its_device *dev, u32 event_id, bool verbose);
+extern void __its_send_discard(struct its_device *dev, u32 event_id, bool 
+extern void __its_send_clear(struct its_device *dev, u32 event_id, bool 
+extern void __its_send_invall(struct its_collection *col, bool verbose);
+extern void __its_send_movi(struct its_device *dev, struct its_collection *col,
+                           u32 id, bool verbose);
+extern void __its_send_sync(struct its_collection *col, bool verbose);
+#define its_send_mapd(dev, valid)                      __its_send_mapd(dev, 
valid, true)
+#define its_send_mapc(col, valid)                      __its_send_mapc(col, 
valid, true)
+#define its_send_mapti(dev, irqid, eventid, col)       __its_send_mapti(dev, 
irqid, eventid, col, true)
+#define its_send_int(dev, eventid)                     __its_send_int(dev, 
eventid, true)
+#define its_send_inv(dev, eventid)                     __its_send_inv(dev, 
eventid, true)
+#define its_send_discard(dev, eventid)                 __its_send_discard(dev, 
eventid, true)
+#define its_send_clear(dev, eventid)                   __its_send_clear(dev, 
eventid, true)
+#define its_send_invall(col)                           __its_send_invall(col, 
+#define its_send_movi(dev, col, id)                    __its_send_movi(dev, 
col, id, true)
+#define its_send_sync(col)                             __its_send_sync(col, 
+#define its_send_mapd_nv(dev, valid)                   __its_send_mapd(dev, 
valid, false)
+#define its_send_mapc_nv(col, valid)                   __its_send_mapc(col, 
valid, false)
+#define its_send_mapti_nv(dev, irqid, eventid, col)    __its_send_mapti(dev, 
irqid, eventid, col, false)
+#define its_send_int_nv(dev, eventid)                  __its_send_int(dev, 
eventid, false)
+#define its_send_inv_nv(dev, eventid)                  __its_send_inv(dev, 
eventid, false)
+#define its_send_discard_nv(dev, eventid)              __its_send_discard(dev, 
eventid, false)
+#define its_send_clear_nv(dev, eventid)                        
__its_send_clear(dev, eventidn false)
+#define its_send_invall_nv(col)                                
__its_send_invall(col, false)
+#define its_send_movi_nv(dev, col, id)                 __its_send_movi(dev, 
col, id, false)
+#define its_send_sync_nv(col)                          __its_send_sync(col, 

(not verbose? Naming is always difficult ;-).)


+static void its_build_invall_cmd(struct its_cmd_block *cmd,
+                             struct its_cmd_desc *desc)
+       its_encode_cmd(cmd, GITS_CMD_INVALL);
+       its_encode_collection(cmd, desc->its_invall_cmd.col->col_id);
+       its_fixup_cmd(cmd);
+       if (desc->verbose)
+               printf("INVALL col_id=%d\n", desc->its_invall_cmd.col->col_id);
+static void its_build_clear_cmd(struct its_cmd_block *cmd,
+                               struct its_cmd_desc *desc)
+       its_encode_cmd(cmd, GITS_CMD_CLEAR);
+       its_encode_devid(cmd, desc->its_clear_cmd.dev->device_id);
+       its_encode_event_id(cmd, desc->its_clear_cmd.event_id);
+       its_fixup_cmd(cmd);
+       if (desc->verbose)
+               printf("CLEAR col_id=%d\n", desc->its_invall_cmd.col->col_id);


Don't you want to print the arguments (DeviceID and EventID) as you've
done for other commands?

+static void its_build_discard_cmd(struct its_cmd_block *cmd,
+                                 struct its_cmd_desc *desc)
+       its_encode_cmd(cmd, GITS_CMD_DISCARD);
+       its_encode_devid(cmd, desc->its_discard_cmd.dev->device_id);
+       its_encode_event_id(cmd, desc->its_discard_cmd.event_id);
+       its_fixup_cmd(cmd);
+       if (desc->verbose)
+               printf("DISCARD col_id=%d\n", desc->its_invall_cmd.col->col_id);

The same question here.


And afaict, there's some fixes for the Linux ITS driver since the RFC
version of this series. Please have a check if you can.


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