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Re: [PATCH v5 40/60] target/riscv: vector floating-point merge instructi

From: LIU Zhiwei
Subject: Re: [PATCH v5 40/60] target/riscv: vector floating-point merge instructions
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 11:41:14 +0800
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On 2020/3/15 6:47, Richard Henderson wrote:
On 3/12/20 7:58 AM, LIU Zhiwei wrote:
+/* Vector Floating-Point Merge Instruction */
+static bool opfvf_vfmerge_check(DisasContext *s, arg_rmrr *a)
+    return (vext_check_isa_ill(s, RVV) &&
+            vext_check_overlap_mask(s, a->rd, a->vm, false) &&
+            vext_check_reg(s, a->rd, false) &&
+            vext_check_reg(s, a->rs2, false) &&
+            ((a->vm == 0) || (a->rs2 == 0)) &&
+            (s->sew != 0));
+GEN_OPFVF_TRANS(vfmerge_vfm, opfvf_vfmerge_check)
Similar comments as for integer merge, using tcg_gen_gvec_dup_i64 for
unpredicated merges.

In fact, there's no reason at all to define a helper function for this one.  I
would expect you do be able to use the exact same helpers as for the integer

Do you mean that I should expands TCGv to TCGv_i64 for vmv.v.x in translation?
So that I can reuse it.
void gen_helper_vmv_v_x(TCG_ptr, TCGv_i64, TCGv_env, TCGv_i32);


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