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[PATCH v10 3/3] Acceptance tests: add make targets to download images

From: Cleber Rosa
Subject: [PATCH v10 3/3] Acceptance tests: add make targets to download images
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 10:16:54 -0400

The newly introduced "boot linux" tests make use of Linux images that
are larger than usual, and fall into what Avocado calls "vmimages",
and can be referred to by name, version and architecture.

The images can be downloaded automatically during the test. But, to
make for more reliable test results, this introduces a target that
will download the vmimages for the architectures that have been
configured and are available for the currently used distro (Fedora

Signed-off-by: Cleber Rosa <address@hidden>
Reviewed-by: Willian Rampazzo <address@hidden>
 tests/Makefile.include | 19 +++++++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tests/Makefile.include b/tests/Makefile.include
index 67e8fcddda..9c19229a06 100644
--- a/tests/Makefile.include
+++ b/tests/Makefile.include
@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ check-help:
        @echo " $(MAKE) check-venv           Creates a Python venv for tests"
        @echo " $(MAKE) check-clean          Clean the tests and related data"
+       @echo " $(MAKE) get-vm-images        Downloads all images used by 
acceptance tests, according to configured targets (~350 MB each, 1.5 GB max)"
+       @echo
        @echo "The variable SPEED can be set to control the gtester speed 
        @echo "Default options are -k and (for $(MAKE) V=1) --verbose; they can 
@@ -889,7 +891,20 @@ $(TESTS_RESULTS_DIR):
 check-venv: $(TESTS_VENV_DIR)
-check-acceptance: check-venv $(TESTS_RESULTS_DIR)
+FEDORA_31_ARCHES_CANDIDATES=$(patsubst ppc64,ppc64le,$(TARGETS))
+FEDORA_31_ARCHES := x86_64 aarch64 ppc64le s390x
+# download one specific Fedora 31 image
+get-vm-image-fedora-31-%: $(check-venv)
+       $(call quiet-command, \
+             $(TESTS_VENV_DIR)/bin/python -m avocado vmimage get \
+             --distro=fedora --distro-version=31 --arch=$*)
+# download all vm images, according to defined targets
+get-vm-images: $(check-venv) $(patsubst %,get-vm-image-fedora-31-%, 
+check-acceptance: check-venv $(TESTS_RESULTS_DIR) get-vm-images
        $(call quiet-command, \
             $(TESTS_VENV_DIR)/bin/python -m avocado \
             --show=$(AVOCADO_SHOW) run --job-results-dir=$(TESTS_RESULTS_DIR) \
@@ -900,7 +915,7 @@ check-acceptance: check-venv $(TESTS_RESULTS_DIR)
 # Consolidated targets
-.PHONY: check-block check-qapi-schema check-qtest check-unit check check-clean
+.PHONY: check-block check-qapi-schema check-qtest check-unit check check-clean 
 check-qapi-schema: check-tests/qapi-schema/frontend 
 check-qtest: $(patsubst %,check-qtest-%, $(QTEST_TARGETS))
 ifeq ($(CONFIG_TOOLS),y)

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