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Re: [PATCH v9 02/10] scripts: Coccinelle script to use ERRP_AUTO_PROPAGA

From: Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy
Subject: Re: [PATCH v9 02/10] scripts: Coccinelle script to use ERRP_AUTO_PROPAGATE()
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 17:36:06 +0300
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20.03.2020 16:58, Markus Armbruster wrote:
Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy <address@hidden> writes:

19.03.2020 13:45, Markus Armbruster wrote:
Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy <address@hidden> writes:
So, understanding that there no such cases in the whole tree, and even
if your patch works faster on the whole tree, I still don't want to
drop inheritance, because it's just a correct thing to do. Yes, we've
added ____ helper. It helps to avoid some problems. Pair-inheritance
helps to avoid another problems. I understand, that there still may
other, not-covered problems, but better to be as safe as possible. And
inheritance here is native and correct thing to do, even with our ____
additional helper. What do you think?

I wouldn't call it correct.  It's still unreliable, but less so than
without the function name constraint.  That makes it less wrong.


100% reliable would be nice, but not at any cost.  Something we're
reasonably confident to get right should be good enough.

To be confident, we need to understand the script's limitations, and how
to compensate for them.  I figure we do now.  You too?

I will not be surprised, if we missed some more interesting cases :)
But we should proceed. What is our plan? Will you queue v10 for 5.1?

v10's PATCH 1+2 look ready.  The error.h comment update could perhaps
use some polish; I've focused my attention elsewhere.

PATCH 8-9 are generated.  They should never be rebased, always be
regenerated.  We compare regenerated patches to posted ones to make sure
they are still sane, and the R-bys are still valid.  I can take care of
the comparing.

I'd like to have a pull request ready when the tree reopens for general
development.  Let's use the time until then to get more generated
patches out for review.

If I queue up patches in my tree, we shift the responsibility for
regenerating patches from you to me, and create a coordination issue:
you'll want to base patch submissions on the branch I use to queue this
work, and that's going to be awkward when I rebase / regenerate that
branch.  I think it's simpler to queue up in your tree until we're ready
for a pull request.

When you post more patches, use

     Based-on: <address@hidden>

so that Patchew applies them on top of this series.  Hmm, probably won't
do, as PATCH 9 already conflicts.

You could instead repost PATCH 1+2 with each batch.  I hope that's not
too confusing.

I trust you'll keep providing a tag reviewers can pull.

I suggest to ask maintainers to leave merging these patches to me, in
cover letters.

Makes sense?


I remember what Kevin said about freeze period: maintainers will queue
a lot of patches in their "next" branches, and send pull requests at start
of next developing period. This highly possible will drop r-bs I can get now.
And reviewers will have to review twice.

And for the same reason, it's bad idea to queue in your branch a lot of patches
from different subsystems during freeze.

So, just postpone this all up to next development phase?

Best regards,

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