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Re: [PATCH v2] block: make BlockConf.*_size properties 32-bit

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: [PATCH v2] block: make BlockConf.*_size properties 32-bit
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 08:08:46 -0500
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On 3/26/20 1:52 AM, Roman Kagan wrote:
Devices (virtio-blk, scsi, etc.) and the block layer are happy to use
32-bit for logical_block_size, physical_block_size, and min_io_size.
However, the properties in BlockConf are defined as uint16_t limiting
the values to 32768.

This appears unnecessary tight, and we've seen bigger block sizes handy
at times.

Make them 32 bit instead and lift the limitation up to 2 MiB which
appears to be good enough for everybody.

and matches the current qemu limit for qcow2 cluster sizes

As the values can now be fairly big and awkward to type, make the
property setter accept common size suffixes (k, m).

Signed-off-by: Roman Kagan <address@hidden>
v1 -> v2:
- cap the property at 2 MiB [Eric]
- accept size suffixes

+++ b/hw/core/qdev-properties.c
@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@
  #include "qapi/visitor.h"
  #include "chardev/char.h"
  #include "qemu/uuid.h"
+#include "qemu/units.h"
void qdev_prop_set_after_realize(DeviceState *dev, const char *name,
                                    Error **errp)
@@ -729,30 +730,39 @@ const PropertyInfo qdev_prop_pci_devfn = {
/* --- blocksize --- */ +/* lower limit is sector size */
+#define MIN_BLOCK_SIZE          512
+#define MIN_BLOCK_SIZE_STR      "512 B"
+/* upper limit is arbitrary, 2 MiB looks sufficient */
+#define MAX_BLOCK_SIZE          (2 * MiB)
+#define MAX_BLOCK_SIZE_STR      "2 MiB"

For this comment, I might add that it matches our limit for qcow2 cluster size.

Reviewed-by: Eric Blake <address@hidden>

Eric Blake, Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat, Inc.           +1-919-301-3226
Virtualization:  qemu.org | libvirt.org

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