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Re: [PATCH for-5.0] hw/ppc/ppc440_uc.c: Remove incorrect iothread lockin

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: Re: [PATCH for-5.0] hw/ppc/ppc440_uc.c: Remove incorrect iothread locking from dcr_write_pcie()
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 14:24:41 +0100

On Mon, 30 Mar 2020 at 14:17, BALATON Zoltan <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Mar 2020, Peter Maydell wrote:
> > In dcr_write_pcie() we take the iothread lock around a call to
> > pcie_host_mmcfg_udpate().  This is an incorrect attempt to deal with
> > the bug fixed in commit 235352ee6e73d7716, where we were not taking
> > the iothread lock before calling device dcr read/write functions.
> > (It's not sufficient locking, because although the other cases in the
> > switch statement won't assert, there is no locking which prevents
> > multiple guest CPUs from trying to access the PPC460EXPCIEState
> > struct at the same time and corrupting data.)
> Even though there's only a single CPU on sam460ex and PCIe is mostly
> unused, with this patch I could no more reproduce a problem that we had
> before with some programs crashing within guest under AmigaOS for unknown
> reason. That problem happened randomly (although I could reproduce it
> before) so I'm not sure if this fixed it or something else (more likely
> commit 235352ee6e) or will just resurface later but at least this seems to
> work so
> Tested-by: BALATON Zoltan <address@hidden>
> Thanks for fixing it.

Thanks for the testing. I'm not sure why a single-cpu setup
would have problems but I guess some device has a bottom-half or
timer callback that will run in the iothread context, in which
case it could race with the vcpu thread doing a dcr access. As
you say, probably 235352ee6e rather than this change that's fixed it,
assuming we really have fixed it.

> > Unfortunately with commit 235352ee6e73d7716 we are now trying
> > to recursively take the iothread lock, which will assert:
> >
> >  $ qemu-system-ppc -M sam460ex --display none
> >  **
> >  
> > ERROR:/home/petmay01/linaro/qemu-from-laptop/qemu/cpus.c:1830:qemu_mutex_lock_iothread_impl:
> >  assertion failed: (!qemu_mutex_iothread_locked())
> >  Aborted (core dumped)
> >
> > Remove the locking within dcr_write_pcie().
> >
> > Fixes: 235352ee6e73d7716
> > Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <address@hidden>
> > ---
> > I did a grep of hw/ppc and didn't see anything else that was doing
> > its own locking inside a dcr read/write fn.
> I think we needed to add locking here because it asserted otherwise but I
> don't remember the details now.

Yeah, the memory-region adjustment done under the pcie_host_mmcfg_update()
function will assert that the iothread lock is held. The locking just
needs to be one level further up in the callstack.

-- PMM

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