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Re: [PATCH for-5.0, v1] target/mips: Fix loongson multimedia condition i

From: Jiaxun Yang
Subject: Re: [PATCH for-5.0, v1] target/mips: Fix loongson multimedia condition instructions
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 00:30:48 +0800
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于 2020年3月31日 GMT+08:00 上午12:22:43, "Philippe Mathieu-Daudé" <address@hidden> 写到:
>On 3/30/20 6:18 PM, Jiaxun Yang wrote:
>> 于 2020年3月30日 GMT+08:00 下午11:39:44, "Philippe Mathieu-Daudé"
><address@hidden> 写到:
>>> Hi Jiaxun Yang,
>>> On 3/24/20 1:22 PM, Jiaxun Yang wrote:
>>>> Loongson multimedia condition instructions were previously
>>> implemented as
>>>> write 0 to rd due to lack of documentation. So I just confirmed
>>> Loongson
>>>> about their encoding and implemented them correctly.
>>> If you have a binary using loongson multimedia instructions, can you
>>> add
>>> a test? So this code won't bitrot.
>> I know ffmpeg uses it.
>> But I think that's too fat.
>Looks perfect to me!
>It'll be simpler if you use a pre-build binary from a known

Unfortunately none of the distribution built ffmpeg with loongson insns enabled,
as it can't be enabled at runtime.

I'll try that after fulfill Loongson Extensions in  QEMU.

FFmpeg do use some other Loongson insns despite mmi. 

There are still 15+ instructions for me to work.

Jiaxun Yang

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