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Re: [RFC v2 59/76] target/riscv: rvv-0.9: floating-point slide instructi

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: [RFC v2 59/76] target/riscv: rvv-0.9: floating-point slide instructions
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2020 11:57:33 -0700
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On 8/3/20 3:35 AM, Frank Chang wrote:
> i.e.
> /DEF_HELPER_6(vslide1up_vx_w, void, ptr, ptr, *tl*, ptr, env, i32)/ vs.
> /DEF_HELPER_6(vfslide1up_vf_h, void, ptr, ptr, *i64*, ptr, env, i32)/
> As /opfvf_trans()/ and /opivx_trans()/ are shared among other instructions,
> I wouldn't like to make prototype changes to these functions.
> So far what I can come up with is to extract the logic in /vslide1up/'s
> helper function to an individual static function and make /vslide1up/
> and /vfslide1up/'s helper functions to call this static function.
> So that the're no redundant logic to be redefined.
> However, this still require to declare /vfslide1up'/s/ /helper function 
> explicitly
> as its function prototype is different with /vslide1up/.

Well, of course the alternative is to adjust the prototypes to be the same,
avoiding TCGv and tl.  That would require an adjustment in the translator
though, which would require a different form of macro instead of 

It could be cleanest to do what you have done; hard to tell.


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