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[PATCH 00/11] Run cross-compilation build tests in the gitlab-CI

From: Thomas Huth
Subject: [PATCH 00/11] Run cross-compilation build tests in the gitlab-CI
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 19:00:44 +0200

Now that we can use all our QEMU build containers in the gitlab-CI,
we can also run the cross-compilation jobs there. Of course, some
problems have to be fixed first, since apparently nobody was running
"make check-build" for QEMU for 32-bit big endian targets or MinGW

As a bonus, the last two patches also enable WHPX builds with our
debian-win64-cross container, so that we can compile-test this accelerator
code now, too.

Bruce Rogers (1):
  virtio-mem: Correct format specifier mismatch for RISC-V

Thomas Huth (10):
  target/riscv/vector_helper: Fix build on 32-bit big endian targets
  tests/Makefile: test-image-locking needs CONFIG_POSIX
  tests/Makefile: test-replication needs CONFIG_POSIX
  tests/Makefile: Only build usable targets during 'make check-build'
  tests/Makefile: Add $(EXESUF) to fp-test target
  Get rid of the libqemustub.a remainders
  stubs/notify-event: Mark qemu_notify_event() stub as "weak"
  gitlab-ci: Add cross-compiling build tests
  configure: Allow automatic WHPX detection
  dockerfiles/debian-win64-cross: Download WHPX MinGW headers

 .gitlab-ci.d/crossbuilds.yml                  | 113 ++++++++++++++++++
 .gitlab-ci.yml                                |   1 +
 MAINTAINERS                                   |   1 +
 Makefile                                      |   2 +-
 configure                                     |   1 +
 hw/virtio/virtio-mem.c                        |   2 +-
 scripts/coverity-scan/run-coverity-scan       |   3 -
 stubs/notify-event.c                          |   2 +-
 target/riscv/vector_helper.c                  |   4 +-
 tests/Makefile.include                        |  13 +-
 .../dockerfiles/debian-win64-cross.docker     |   9 +-
 tests/test-util-sockets.c                     |   3 +-
 12 files changed, 141 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .gitlab-ci.d/crossbuilds.yml


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