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Re: [PATCH] trace/simple: Allow enabling simple traces from command line

From: Markus Armbruster
Subject: Re: [PATCH] trace/simple: Allow enabling simple traces from command line
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2020 06:38:48 +0200
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Josh DuBois <josh@joshdubois.com> writes:

> On Aug 3, 2020, at 4:08 AM, Markus Armbruster <armbru@redhat.com> wrote:
>>> - prior to db25d56c014aa1a96319c663e0a60346a223b31e, just like today,
>>> QEMU built with simple tracing will always produce a trace-<pid> file,
>>> regardless of whether the user asks for traces at runtime.
>> When you send a patch with a Fixes: tag, consider cc'ing people involved
>> in the commit being fixed.  I might have spotted the regression.
> Sure, this makes sense.  
>> I missed the CLI issue.  I just wanted my directories not littered with
>> trace files ;)
>> Stefan, what shall we do for 5.1?
>> If we keep littering, the annoyance will make me drop the trace backend
>> "simple" from my build tests.  I might even remember to put it back when
>> the fix arrives.
> I haven't seen another response, but I just noticed a 'last call' for 5.1.  
> If this means something is going to get excluded from regular build tests, 
> that seems important - I for one have no objection to simply reverting this - 
> 1b7157be3a8c4300fc8044d40f4b2e64a152a1b4 <-- my "fix."

These are just my local build test.  Our CI is not affected.

Reverting is up to Stefan.

> I will try to send a better fix along sometime soonish, but I probably won't 
> get to that before 5.1.  If the nuisance of the trace-<pid> files is causing 
> real-world problems for someone actually doing regular development, that 
> seems more important than the command line issue, to me.  Just my $0.02.
> Cheers, and sorry if your build dirs do end up littered again.

Sorry for breaking your use case, and looking forward to your fix for
your fix!

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