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[Bug 1323758] Re: Mouse stops working when connected usb-storage-device

From: Ruben Portier
Subject: [Bug 1323758] Re: Mouse stops working when connected usb-storage-device
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2020 20:48:27 -0000

It's been a very very long time since I've last ran a Windows virtual
machine on Ubuntu, so I can't really tell. I do remember I never got it
"fixed", but did find a fix for it by disabling the Windows power plan
option "Allow Windows to put this device to sleep". Over the years I did
get some thankful comments on the StackOverflow threat where I posted
this exact issue with the workaround (fix), which can be viewed here:

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  Mouse stops working when connected usb-storage-device

Status in QEMU:
Status in qemu package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  I'm running a guest that has Windows 8 Pro (x64) installed. Every time
  I pass through a usb storage device from the host to the guest, the
  mouse stops working in the vnc client. When I remove the usb-device
  the mouse works again.

  The mouse only stops working when I pass through a usb storage device
  and then make the vlc viewer (client) inactive by clicking on another
  program on the local computer (where I'm running the vnc viewer
  (client)). As long as I keep the vnc viewer active, the mouse works
  without any problems. But as soon as I make the vnc viewer inactive
  and then active again, the mouse will no longer work. I have to reboot
  the guest or remove the usb storage device.

  I can't find any related problems on the internet, so it may be just

  I hope someone can help me with this.

  EDIT: I posted the extra/new information in comments. But as I know
  see it might be wrong and maybe I should've posted them in this bug
  description container (by editing)? Please tell me if I did it wrong
  and I will change it. Sorry for this misunderstanding.

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