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From: Kevin O'Connor
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] SeaBIOS 1.14.0
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 11:43:36 -0400

The 1.14.0 version of SeaBIOS has now been released.  For more
information on the release, please see:


New in this release:

* New virtio MMIO support. Support for finding virtio MMIO devices via
  an ACPI DSDT parser. Support for handling a large number of virtio
* Improved handling of USB keyboards with non-standard packet size.
* Improved KVM CPU frequency detection.
* Support for PCI mmconfig support on QEMU.
* Several bug fixes and code cleanups.

For information on obtaining SeaBIOS, please see:


===== git shortlog -n rel-1.13.0..rel-1.14.0 =====

Gerd Hoffmann (25):
      boot: cache HALT priority
      virtio-scsi: skip initializing non-bootable devices
      nvme: skip initializing non-bootable devices
      timer: add tsctimer_setfreq()
      kvm: detect unconditionally
      kvm: add support for reading tsc frequency via cpuid.
      kvm: add support for reading tsc frequency from kvmclock
      sercon: vbe modeset is int 10h function 4f02 not 4f00
      pci: factor out ioconfig_cmd()
      pci: add mmconfig support
      qemu: factor out qemu_cfg_detect()
      qemu: rework e820 detection
      qemu: check rtc presence before reading cpu count from cmos
      virtio-mmio: device probing and initialization.
      virtio-mmio: add support to vp_*() functions
      virtio-mmio: add support for scsi devices.
      virtio-mmio: add support for block devices.
      virtio-mmio: print device type
      acpi: add xsdt support
      acpi: add dsdt parser
      acpi: skip kbd init if not present
      acpi: find and register virtio-mmio devices
      rewrap Makefile lines.
      pci: fix mmconfig support
      vga: fix cirrus bios

Kevin O'Connor (6):
      usb-hid: Improve max packet size checking
      Revert "ps2port: adjust init routine to fix PS/2 keyboard issues"
      boot: Fixup check for only one item in boot list
      vgabios: Fix preserve memory flag in handle_1000
      ldnoexec: Add script to remove ET_EXEC flag from intermediate build 
      docs: Note v1.14.0 release

Paul Menzel (5):
      std/tcg: Replace zero-length array with flexible-array member
      boot: Extend `etc/show-boot-menu` to configure skipping boot menu with 
only one device
      boot: Log, if boot menu is skipped
      cdrom: Demote `scsi_is_ready` return print to debug level
      nvme: Increase `nvme_cmd_readwrite()` message log level from 3 to 5

Matt DeVillier (4):
      hw/usb-hid: Don't abort if setting key repeat rate fails
      Skip boot menu and timeout with only one boot device
      ps2port: adjust init routine to fix PS/2 keyboard issues
      boot: Fix logic for boot menu display

Stefan Berger (3):
      tcgbios: Only write logs for PCRs that are in active PCR banks
      tcgbios: Fix the vendorInfoSize to be of type u8
      tcgbios: Add support for SHA3 type of algorithms

Alexey Kirillov (2):
      boot: Detect strict boot order (HALT record) in function
      virtio: Do not init non-bootable devices

Christian Ehrhardt (1):
      build: use -fcf-protection=none when available

Jason Andryuk (1):
      serialio: Preserve Xen DebugOutputPort

Roman Bolshakov (1):
      timer: Handle decrements of PIT counter

Stefan Reiter (1):
      virtio-scsi: fix boot prio detection by using correct lun

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