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[Bug 1213196] Re: -serial tcp should hang up when DTR goes low

From: Darrin M. Gorski
Subject: [Bug 1213196] Re: -serial tcp should hang up when DTR goes low
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 16:23:55 -0000

In addition to allowing low DTR to drop the socket connection, and
allowing low DTR to reject a socket connection, the DCD modem bit also
be implemented - DCD should follow the state of the TCP socket: a
connected socket should pull DCD high, and a disconnected socket should
pull DCD low. From what Ive seen in the source, it looks like a serial
IOCTL functioned needs to be added to chardev/char-socket.c to allow the
MSR bits to be tracked against the state of the socket.  DCD should be
very easy to implement this way, but I hadn't thought about DTR.

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  -serial tcp should hang up when DTR goes low

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  In keeping with the spirit of serial modem control signals, de-
  asserting DTR should cause the TCP connection to break; asserting DTR
  should cause QEMU to initiate a new connection or for it to accept
  another (in server mode; this may involve waiting for one to arrive,

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