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Re: [RFC PATCH 00/12] hw: Forbid DMA write accesses to MMIO regions

From: Laszlo Ersek
Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH 00/12] hw: Forbid DMA write accesses to MMIO regions
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 15:37:06 +0200

Hi Phil,

On 09/03/20 13:08, Philippe Mathieu-Daudé wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not suppose to work on this but I couldn't sleep so kept
> wondering about this problem the whole night and eventually
> woke up to write this quickly, so comments are scarce, sorry.
> The first part is obvious anyway, simply pass MemTxAttrs argument.
> The main patch is:
> "exec/memattrs: Introduce MemTxAttrs::direct_access field".
> This way we can restrict accesses to ROM/RAM by setting the
> 'direct_access' field. Illegal accesses return MEMTX_BUS_ERROR.
> Next patch restrict PCI DMA accesses by setting the direct_access
> field.
> Finally we add an assertion for any DMA write access to indirect
> memory to kill a class of bug recently found by Alexander while
> fuzzing.

I've briefly checked LP#1886362 and LP#1888606, and as much as I
understand them, they seem tricky. It's not clear how we can recognize
long chains of DMA-to-MMIO transfers, and interrupt them.

Peter mentions an approach at the end of
<https://bugs.launchpad.net/qemu/+bug/1886362/comments/5> that I believe
to understand, but -- according to him -- it seems too much work. And,
I'm not too familiar with the qemu memory model, so I don't have
comments on your solution.

Maybe we can have some kind of "depth counter" for such
recursive DMA-to-MMIO calls (even across multiple device models), and
put an artificial limit on them, such as 5 or 10. This could be
controlled on the QEMU command line perhaps?

I don't think such chains work unto arbitrary depths on physical
hardware either.

Sorry that I don't have any sensible comments here. I hope I didn't
misunderstand the problem at least.


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