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Re: [PATCH] qcow2: Fix removal of list members from BDRVQcow2State.clust

From: Alberto Garcia
Subject: Re: [PATCH] qcow2: Fix removal of list members from BDRVQcow2State.cluster_allocs
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2020 15:45:31 +0200
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On Thu 03 Sep 2020 03:12:22 PM CEST, Max Reitz wrote:
> On my search for /(\.|->)nb_clusters/ to verify this, I noticed this
> comment for qcow2_alloc_cluster_offset():
>  * If the cluster was already allocated, m->nb_clusters is set to 0 and
>  * other fields in m are meaningless.
> Should that be dropped, too?

Actually the whole comment should be rewritten (the function does not
allocale just one cluster), I'll send v2 with that and the rest of your
proposed changes.


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