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[ANNOUNCE] QEMU 5.0.1 Stable released

From: Michael Roth
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 5.0.1 Stable released
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 16:40:32 -0500
User-agent: alot/0.7

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the QEMU v5.0.1 stable release is now

You can grab the tarball from our download page here:


v5.0.1 is now tagged in the official qemu.git repository,
and the stable-5.0 branch has been updated accordingly:


This update contains general fixes for various architectures/subsystems,
including the following CVE fixes:

    ati-vga (CVE-2020-13800)
    MMIO (CVE-2020-13754)
    NBD server (CVE-2020-10761)
    sdcard (CVE-2020-13253)
    usb (CVE-2020-14364)
    virtiofsd (CVE-2020-10717)

Please see the changelog for additional details and update accordingly.

Thank you to everyone involved!


386b2a5767: Update version for 5.0.1 release (Michael Roth)
5c49f7ee3b: riscv: sifive_test: Allow 16-bit writes to memory region (Nathan 
b8fdfa9d63: virtio-ccw: fix virtio_set_ind_atomic (Halil Pasic)
ebf5b3946e: nvram: Exit QEMU if NVRAM cannot contain all -prom-env data (Greg 
f2fd6555c7: 9p: null terminate fs driver options list (Prasad J Pandit)
f243bb4b0d: usb: fix setup_len init (CVE-2020-14364) (Gerd Hoffmann)
a575af07b8: hw/arm/sbsa-ref: fix typo breaking PCIe IRQs (Graeme Gregory)
5e817ece11: virtio-net: align RSC fields with updated virtio-net header (Yuri 
b57df52546: nbd: Fix large trim/zero requests (Eric Blake)
921352867b: iotests/028: Add test for cross-base-EOF reads (Max Reitz)
dcf682dd13: block: Fix bdrv_aligned_p*v() for qiov_offset != 0 (Max Reitz)
08550a9940: migration/block-dirty-bitmap: fix dirty_bitmap_mig_before_vm_start 
(Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy)
b52a91816e: Update OpenBIOS images to 7f28286f built from submodule. (Mark 
eca194d43c: libvhost-user: Report descriptor index on panic (Philippe 
d8f0b2bbf4: virtio-pci: Changed vdev to proxy for VirtIO PCI BAR callbacks. 
(Andrew Melnychenko)
58c523563d: intel_iommu: Use correct shift for 256 bits qi descriptor (Liu Yi L)
7c4c30e764: virtio-balloon: Replace free page hinting references to 'report' 
with 'hint' (Alexander Duyck)
595c40575b: linux-headers: update against Linux 5.7-rc3 (Cornelia Huck)
6261aa4ff5: virtio-balloon: always indicate S_DONE when migration fails (David 
7eb63fccf4: virtio-balloon: Add locking to prevent possible race when starting 
hinting (Alexander Duyck)
67808fda37: virtio-balloon: Prevent guest from starting a report when we didn't 
request one (Alexander Duyck)
c16fd8a2bb: qdev: Fix device_add DRIVER,help to print to monitor (Markus 
d2581f25ec: tests: tpm: Skip over pcrUpdateCounter byte in result comparison 
(Stefan Berger)
42e9a42083: tpm: tpm_spapr: Exit on TPM backend failures (Stefan Berger)
2f783fb459: target/hppa: Free some temps in do_sub (Richard Henderson)
d7fab184e9: hw/sd/sdcard: Do not switch to ReceivingData if address is invalid 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
c8966bff5f: hw/sd/sdcard: Update coding style to make checkpatch.pl happy 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
e569ca39fa: hw/sd/sdcard: Do not allow invalid SD card sizes (Philippe 
6a34f7752f: hw/sd/sdcard: Simplify realize() a bit (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
557980ba70: hw/sd/sdcard: Restrict Class 6 commands to SCSD cards (Philippe 
b6f4d5bf20: tests/acceptance/boot_linux: Expand SD card image to power of 2 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
bc67d011c3: tests/acceptance: refactor boot_linux_console test to allow code 
reuse (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
5bdcc0f3ed: tests/acceptance: refactor boot_linux to allow code reuse (Pavel 
f756254e0a: tests/acceptance: allow console interaction with specific VMs 
(Pavel Dovgalyuk)
7b41093d14: tests/acceptance/boot_linux: Tag tests using a SD card with 
'device:sd' (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
acb988e20c: docs/orangepi: Add instructions for resizing SD image to power of 
two (Niek Linnenbank)
3ddb01cd14: qga: Use qemu_get_host_name() instead of g_get_host_name() (Michal 
ad1169e23c: util: Introduce qemu_get_host_name() (Michal Privoznik)
a799013e71: qga: fix assert regression on guest-shutdown (Marc-André Lureau)
54e74a45a5: chardev/tcp: Fix error message double free error (lichun)
9380cb9de2: nbd: Avoid off-by-one in long export name truncation (Eric Blake)
b3e49baa79: usb/dev-mtp: Fix Error double free after inotify failure (Markus 
558905635b: error: Use error_reportf_err() where appropriate (Markus Armbruster)
b17b3c209b: net/virtio: Fix failover_replug_primary() return value regression 
(Markus Armbruster)
7a1f17a51e: hw/audio/gus: Fix registers 32-bit access (Allan Peramaki)
0aad2a5255: virtiofsd: Whitelist fchmod (Max Reitz)
0fd3972e1c: hw/net/e1000e: Do not abort() on invalid PSRCTL register value 
(Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
045849b078: hw/display/artist: Unbreak size mismatch memory accesses (Helge 
974b857df6: acpi: accept byte and word access to core ACPI registers (Michael 
782e94132a: xhci: fix valid.max_access_size to access address registers 
(Laurent Vivier)
182be02962: hw/riscv: Allow 64 bit access to SiFive CLINT (Alistair Francis)
b14cd263ad: memory: Revert "memory: accept mismatching sizes in 
memory_region_access_valid" (Michael S. Tsirkin)
68d84b133d: libqos: pci-pc: use 32-bit write for EJ register (Paolo Bonzini)
e399bb1bf1: libqos: usb-hcd-ehci: use 32-bit write for config register (Paolo 
160546b81e: linux-user/strace.list: fix epoll_create{,1} -strace output (Sergei 
dcc935873b: aio-posix: disable fdmon-io_uring when GSource is used (Stefan 
5145f2471c: aio-posix: don't duplicate fd handler deletion in 
fdmon_io_uring_destroy() (Stefan Hajnoczi)
458ae56d22: KVM: x86: believe what KVM says about WAITPKG (Paolo Bonzini)
521898ac31: net: use peer when purging queue in 
qemu_flush_or_purge_queue_packets() (Jason Wang)
c1abbd0f04: virtiofsd: stay below fs.file-max sysctl value (CVE-2020-10717) 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
a637ea0c52: virtiofsd: add --rlimit-nofile=NUM option (Stefan Hajnoczi)
73a01bc9b0: iotests/283: Use consistent size for source and target (Kevin Wolf)
d723a57acd: Fix tulip breakage (Helge Deller)
dd506af071: es1370: check total frame count against current frame (Prasad J 
387a3ac89d: ati-vga: check mm_index before recursive call (CVE-2020-13800) 
(Prasad J Pandit)
cb84d9d353: xen/9pfs: yield when there isn't enough room on the ring (Stefano 
b38d9cada4: Revert "9p: init_in_iov_from_pdu can truncate the size" (Stefano 
f56a86ad8d: xen-9pfs: Fix log messages of reply errors (Christian Schoenebeck)
5bfdf41d7c: 9pfs: include linux/limits.h for XATTR_SIZE_MAX (Dan Robertson)
e37ba5c637: 9pfs: local: ignore O_NOATIME if we don't have permissions (Omar 
4cc0a28a6e: block: Call attention to truncation of long NBD exports (Eric Blake)
d1cba8ca60: virtio-balloon: unref the iothread when unrealizing (David 
945d9273c8: virtio-balloon: fix free page hinting check on unrealize (David 
99458fbb56: virtio-balloon: fix free page hinting without an iothread (David 
d48973dc26: nbd/server: Avoid long error message assertions CVE-2020-10761 
(Eric Blake)
c6414cb183: net: Do not include a newline in the id of -nic devices (Thomas 
250322bfbd: 9p: Lock directory streams with a CoMutex (Greg Kurz)
bdac9aabd9: qemu-nbd: Close inherited stderr (Raphael Pour)
352259fef8: target/arm: Clear tail in gvec_fmul_idx_*, gvec_fmla_idx_* (Richard 
9e6e3ba309: hostmem: don't use mbind() if host-nodes is empty (Igor Mammedov)

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