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Re: [PATCH v8 000/133] Fixes curses on msys2/mingw

From: Yonggang Luo
Subject: Re: [PATCH v8 000/133] Fixes curses on msys2/mingw
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2020 23:59:51 +0800

Err, sorry for this, don't know if this would broken the patchew

On Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 11:54 PM Yonggang Luo <luoyonggang@gmail.com> wrote:
> V7-V8
> Rebase to master and  resolve conflict of
> *configure: fixes indent of $meson setup
> V6-V7
> Update the configure script for
> * curses: Fixes compiler error that complain don't have langinfo.h on msys2/m=
> ingw
> V5-V6
> Dropping configure: Fixes ncursesw detection under msys2/mingw by convert the=
> m to meson first.
> That need the meson 0.56 upstream to fixes the curses detection.
> Add
> * configure: fixes indent of $meson setup
> Alberto Garcia (2):
>   docs: Document the throttle block filter
>   qcow2: Use L1E_SIZE in qcow2_write_l1_entry()
> Alex Benn=C3=A9e (2):
>   gitlab: move linux-user plugins test across to gitlab
>   gitlab: split deprecated job into build/check stages
> Collin L. Walling (7):
>   s390/sclp: get machine once during read scp/cpu info
>   s390/sclp: rework sclp boundary checks
>   s390/sclp: read sccb from mem based on provided length
>   s390/sclp: check sccb len before filling in data
>   s390/sclp: use cpu offset to locate cpu entries
>   s390/sclp: add extended-length sccb support for kvm guest
>   s390: guest support for diagnose 0x318
> Cornelia Huck (1):
>   vfio-ccw: plug memory leak while getting region info
> David Hildenbrand (10):
>   s390x/tcg: Implement MONITOR CALL
>   s390x/cpumodel: S390_FEAT_MISC_INSTRUCTION_EXT ->
>   s390x/tcg: Implement ADD HALFWORD (AGH)
>   s390x/tcg: Implement SUBTRACT HALFWORD (SGH)
>   s390x/tcg: Implement MULTIPLY (MG, MGRK)
>   s390x/tcg: Implement MULTIPLY HALFWORD (MGH)
>   s390x/tcg: Implement BRANCH INDIRECT ON CONDITION (BIC)
>   s390x/tcg: Implement MULTIPLY SINGLE (MSC, MSGC, MSGRKC, MSRKC)
>   s390x/tcg: We support Miscellaneous-Instruction-Extensions Facility 2
> Dr. David Alan Gilbert (1):
>   qemu-io-cmds: Simplify help_oneline
> John Snow (8):
>   MAINTAINERS: Update my git address
>   ide: rename cmd_write to ctrl_write
>   ide: don't tamper with the device register
>   ide: model HOB correctly
>   ide: reorder set/get sector functions
>   ide: remove magic constants from the device register
>   ide: clear interrupt on command write
>   ide: cancel pending callbacks on SRST
> Kevin Wolf (32):
>   nbd: Remove unused nbd_export_get_blockdev()
>   qapi: Create block-export module
>   qapi: Rename BlockExport to BlockExportOptions
>   block/export: Add BlockExport infrastructure and block-export-add
>   qemu-storage-daemon: Use qmp_block_export_add()
>   qemu-nbd: Use raw block driver for --offset
>   block/export: Remove magic from block-export-add
>   nbd: Add max-connections to nbd-server-start
>   nbd: Add writethrough to block-export-add
>   nbd: Remove NBDExport.close callback
>   qemu-nbd: Use blk_exp_add() to create the export
>   nbd/server: Simplify export shutdown
>   block/export: Move refcount from NBDExport to BlockExport
>   block/export: Move AioContext from NBDExport to BlockExport
>   block/export: Add node-name to BlockExportOptions
>   block/export: Allocate BlockExport in blk_exp_add()
>   block/export: Add blk_exp_close_all(_type)
>   block/export: Add 'id' option to block-export-add
>   block/export: Move strong user reference to block_exports
>   block/export: Add block-export-del
>   block/export: Add BLOCK_EXPORT_DELETED event
>   block/export: Move blk to BlockExport
>   block/export: Create BlockBackend in blk_exp_add()
>   block/export: Add query-block-exports
>   block/export: Move writable to BlockExportOptions
>   nbd: Merge nbd_export_new() and nbd_export_create()
>   nbd: Deprecate nbd-server-add/remove
>   iotests: Factor out qemu_tool_pipe_and_status()
>   iotests: Introduce qemu_nbd_list_log()
>   iotests: Allow supported and unsupported formats at the same time
>   iotests: Test block-export-* QMP interface
>   qemu-storage-daemon: Fix help line for --export
> Paolo Bonzini (17):
>   travis: remove TCI test
>   default-configs: move files to default-configs/devices/
>   configure: convert accelerator variables to meson options
>   configure: rewrite accelerator defaults as tests
>   configure: move accelerator logic to meson
>   configure: remove dead variable
>   configure: compute derivatives of target name in meson
>   configure: remove useless config-target.mak symbols
>   configure: remove target configuration
>   default-configs: remove default-configs/devices for user-mode targets
>   configure: move OpenBSD W^X test to meson
>   default-configs: use TARGET_ARCH key
>   default-configs: remove redundant keys
>   meson: move sparse detection to Meson and rewrite check_sparse.py
>   tests: tcg: do not use implicit rules
>   dockerfiles: add diffutils to Fedora
>   readthedocs: build with Python 3.6
> Peter Maydell (5):
>   target/arm: Replace ARM_FEATURE_PXN with ID_MMFR0.VMSA check
>   target/arm: Move id_pfr0, id_pfr1 into ARMISARegisters
>   hw/intc/armv7m_nvic: Only show ID register values for Main Extension
>     CPUs
>   target/arm: Add ID register values for Cortex-M0
>   target/arm: Make isar_feature_aa32_fp16_arith() handle M-profile
> Philippe Mathieu-Daud=C3=A9 (14):
>   hw/arm/raspi: Define various blocks base addresses
>   hw/arm/bcm2835: Add more unimplemented peripherals
>   hw/arm/raspi: Remove ignore_memory_transaction_failures on the raspi2
>   hw/arm/raspi: Display the board revision in the machine description
>   hw/arm/raspi: Load the firmware on the first core
>   hw/arm/raspi: Move arm_boot_info structure to RaspiMachineState
>   hw/arm/raspi: Avoid using TypeInfo::class_data pointer
>   hw/arm/raspi: Use more specific machine names
>   hw/arm/raspi: Introduce RaspiProcessorId enum
>   hw/arm/raspi: Use RaspiProcessorId to set the firmware load address
>   hw/arm/raspi: Remove use of the 'version' value in the board code
>   hw/ide/ahci: Do not dma_memory_unmap(NULL)
>   hw/s390x/css: Remove double initialization
>   block/sheepdog: Replace magic val by NANOSECONDS_PER_SECOND definition
> Richard Henderson (13):
>   target/arm: Fix sve ldr/str
>   target/arm: Fix SVE splice
>   capstone: Convert Makefile bits to meson bits
>   capstone: Update to upstream "next" branch
>   capstone: Require version 4.0 from a system library
>   disas: Move host asm annotations to tb_gen_code
>   disas: Clean up CPUDebug initialization
>   disas: Use qemu/bswap.h for bfd endian loads
>   disas: Cleanup plugin_disas
>   disas: Configure capstone for aarch64 host without libvixl
>   disas: Split out capstone code to disas/capstone.c
>   disas: Enable capstone disassembly for s390x
>   disas/capstone: Add skipdata hook for s390x
> Thomas Huth (13):
>   migration: Silence compiler warning in global_state_store_running()
>   travis.yml: Drop the default softmmu builds
>   travis.yml: Update Travis to use Bionic and Focal instead of Xenial
>   travis.yml: Drop the superfluous Python 3.6 build
>   travis.yml: Drop the Python 3.5 build
>   tests/docker: Use Fedora containers for MinGW cross-builds in the
>     gitlab-CI
>   gitlab-ci: Remove the Debian9-based containers and containers-layer3
>   tests/docker: Update the tricore container to debian 10
>   shippable.yml: Remove the Debian9-based MinGW cross-compiler tests
>   tests/docker: Remove old Debian 9 containers
>   gitlab-ci: Increase the timeout for the cross-compiler builds
>   configure: Bump the minimum required Python version to 3.6
>   tests/check-block: Do not run the iotests with old versions of bash
> Yonggang Luo (5):
>   gitignore: ignore a bit more
>   configure: fixes indent of $meson setup
>   curses: Fixes compiler error that complain don't have langinfo.h on
>     msys2/mingw
>   curses: Fixes curses compiling errors.
>   win32: Simplify gmtime_r detection not depends on if  _POSIX_C_SOURCE
>     are defined on msys2/mingw
> Zhenwei Pi (3):
>   target-i386: seperate MCIP & MCE_MASK error reason
>   qapi/run-state.json: introduce memory failure event
>   target-i386: post memory failure event to QMP
> --=20
> 2.28.0.windows.1


Yonggang Luo

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