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Re: roms/efirom, tests/uefi-test-tools: update edk2's own submodules fir

From: Olaf Hering
Subject: Re: roms/efirom, tests/uefi-test-tools: update edk2's own submodules first
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 11:16:05 +0200

This is about qemu.git#ec87b5daca761039bbcf781eedbe4987f790836f

On Mon, Sep 07, Laszlo Ersek wrote:

> In edk2 commit 06033f5abad3 ("BaseTools: Make brotli a submodule",
> 2020-04-16), part of edk2-stable202005, the Brotli compressor /
> decompressor source code that edk2 had flattened into BaseTools was
> replaced with a git submodule.
> This means we have to initialize edk2's own submodules before building
> BaseTools not just in "roms/Makefile.edk2", but in "roms/Makefile" (for
> the sake of the "efirom" target) and "tests/uefi-test-tools/Makefile" as
> well.

> +++ b/roms/Makefile
>  edk2-basetools:
> +     cd edk2/BaseTools && git submodule update --init --force
>  build-edk2-tools:
> +     cd $(edk2_dir)/BaseTools && git submodule update --init --force

This change can not possibly be correct.

With current qemu.git#master one is forced to have network access to
build the roms. This fails with exported (and complete) sources in an
offline environment.

Please revert this patch.


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