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Re: [PATCH v26 03/17] vfio: Add save and load functions for VFIO PCI dev

From: Zenghui Yu
Subject: Re: [PATCH v26 03/17] vfio: Add save and load functions for VFIO PCI devices
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 17:30:04 +0800
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On 2020/9/25 6:49, Alex Williamson wrote:
+    } else if (interrupt_type == VFIO_INT_MSIX) {
+        uint16_t offset;
+        msix_load(pdev, f);
+        offset = pci_default_read_config(pdev,
+                                       pdev->msix_cap + PCI_MSIX_FLAGS + 1, 2);
+        /* load enable bit and maskall bit */
+        vfio_pci_write_config(pdev, pdev->msix_cap + PCI_MSIX_FLAGS + 1,
+                              offset, 2);

It isn't clear that what purpose this load operation serves.  The config
space has already been restored and we'll see that MSI-X _was_ and _is_
enabled (or disabled).  vfio_msix_enable() will therefore not be invoked
and no vectors would actually be enabled...  Not sure if I had missed

+    }
+    return 0;

It seems this could be simplified down to:

if (msi_enabled(pdev)) {
} else if (msix_enabled(pdev)) {
     msix_load(pdev, f);

And it seems that this has fixed something :-)


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