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[qemu-web PATCH 0/7] Tweaks to page footer and add "edit page" links

From: Daniel P . Berrangé
Subject: [qemu-web PATCH 0/7] Tweaks to page footer and add "edit page" links
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 16:29:50 +0100

This series started off as a desire to add an "Edit page" link to every
page on the site. In doing this I felt that the footer would benefit
from simplication so that it was not a massive wall of links,
duplicating links elsewhere in the navigation or content pages.

I also add gitlab CI jobs so that users can push a branch to gitlab and
then browse the rendered result.

eg see this pipeline:


and the rendered result:


Or browsable at


Or download ZIP at


notice how the resulting content needs to cope with being used from a
variety of different paths. IOW, we cannot use absolute hyperlinks that
assume the root is "/".  Jekyll doesn't make this easy, so we use a hack
with a custom template that sets a variable we can then reference.

The logical next step for this would be to accept merge requests, so
that once the user saves their edits in gitlab, they can directly submit
a MR, instead of sending via email.  I noticed we don't currently have a
CONTRIBUTING.md file in qemu-web.git telling people how to submit. So
this series includes such a file directing people to send patches via
email for now.

Daniel P. Berrang=C3=A9 (7):
  Convert files to UNIX line endings
  gitlab: introduce a CI job to publish the site content
  make all links be relative to the root
  Make page header nav narrower
  Simplify and restructure the page footer
  Add link to "edit this page" for all pages
  Add a CONTRIBUTING.md file as guidance for contributors

 .gitlab-ci.yml               |   16 +
 CONTRIBUTING.md              |   32 +
 _config.yml                  |    1 +
 _includes/assets.html        |   28 +-
 _includes/copyright.html     |    8 -
 _includes/footer.html        |   33 +-
 _includes/nav.html           |   13 +-
 _includes/relative_root.html |   12 +
 _includes/sidebar.html       |    6 +-
 _layouts/archive.html        |    4 +-
 _layouts/blog.html           |    4 +-
 _layouts/home.html           |    2 +-
 _layouts/page.html           |    2 +-
 assets/css/style-desktop.css |  575 ++++++++--------
 assets/css/style-mobile.css  |  739 +++++++++++----------
 assets/css/style.css         | 1200 +++++++++++++++++-----------------
 blog/index.html              |    4 +-
 index.html                   |  178 ++---
 18 files changed, 1448 insertions(+), 1409 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .gitlab-ci.yml
 create mode 100644 CONTRIBUTING.md
 delete mode 100644 _includes/copyright.html
 create mode 100644 _includes/relative_root.html


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