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[PATCH 0/6] hw/block/nvme: zoned misc fixes

From: Klaus Jensen
Subject: [PATCH 0/6] hw/block/nvme: zoned misc fixes
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 13:32:17 +0100

From: Klaus Jensen <k.jensen@samsung.com>

These are some follow-up patches to the just merged zoned series.

The biggest addition here is asynchronous zeroing of zones on reset.

Klaus Jensen (6):
  hw/block/nvme: fix shutdown/reset logic
  hw/block/nvme: merge implicitly/explicitly opened processing masks
  hw/block/nvme: enum style fix
  hw/block/nvme: zero out zones on reset
  hw/block/nvme: add missing string representations for commands
  hw/block/nvme: remove unnecessary check for append

 hw/block/nvme-ns.h    |   4 +-
 hw/block/nvme.h       |   4 +
 include/block/nvme.h  |   4 +-
 hw/block/nvme.c       | 200 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 hw/block/trace-events |   1 +
 5 files changed, 140 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)


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