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Re: qemu bsd-user plans

From: Thomas Huth
Subject: Re: qemu bsd-user plans
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 13:49:33 +0100
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On 08/01/2021 20.56, Peter Maydell wrote:
Adding the people to the CC list who were on the previous discussion thread...

-- PMM

On Fri, 8 Jan 2021 at 19:43, Warner Losh <imp@bsdimp.com> wrote:
So, my new plan is to rebase what changes I can to the tip of master and submit 
those for review. I'll work with the developers on the FreeBSD side to ensure 
they are included in reviews in addition to the normal qemu-devel list. This 
will allow us to pare down the deltas between our code and upstream to allow us 
to make progress. The changes will be held to the standard 'makes things 
better'. Given how broken bsd-user is today in qemu upstream, at first that 
will a very easy standard to make.

The first patch I'll submit will be changing MAINTAINERS to point to me, since 
I'm acting as the point person in this effort. I'll then re-submit some other 
changes that I've submitted in the past, but CC the FreeBSD folks that are 
currently active (they were only CC'd to former developers who lack the time to 

But before I get too far down this path, I thought I'd send out what's going on 
to qemu-devel so I can get feedback and adjust the plan into something that's 
mutually agreeable so time I put towards this is not wasted.

So, what do people think of these plans?

Sounds like a good way forward. Are you familiar with sending git pull requests? I think once the patch to MAINTAINERS has been accepted, it's maybe best if you send out pull request on your own once the patches got reviewed on the mailing list - otherwise it might get cumbersome to find a maintainers tree where the patches can go through.


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