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Re: [PATCH] vnc: fix unfinalized tlscreds for VncDisplay

From: Gerd Hoffmann
Subject: Re: [PATCH] vnc: fix unfinalized tlscreds for VncDisplay
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 10:27:45 +0100

On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 09:19:11PM +0800, Zihao Chang wrote:
> In vnc_display_open(), if tls-creds is enabled, do object_ref(object
> ref 1->2) for tls-creds. While in vnc_display_close(), object_unparent
> sets object ref to 1(2->1) and  unparent the object for root.
> Problem:
> 1. the object can not be found from the objects_root, while the object
> is not finalized.
> 2. the qemu_opts of tls-creds(id: creds0) is not deleted, so new tls
> object with the same id(creds0) can not be delete & add.
> Signed-off-by: Zihao Chang <changzihao1@huawei.com>

Added to UI patch queue.


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