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Re: [PATCH v11 0/5] UFFD write-tracking migration/snapshots

From: Peter Xu
Subject: Re: [PATCH v11 0/5] UFFD write-tracking migration/snapshots
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 09:54:16 -0500

On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 02:34:40PM +0300, Andrey Gruzdev wrote:
> Ping

Dave, Juan,

I really think this series needs some attention...

It'll be a great if QEMU can start to take live snapshot at least to me.
Andrey (and also Denis with the older versions) did a great job working on it
and moving it forward.  IMHO it's something beneficial for the QEMU community
and we should really encourage such behavior on working useful things, working
in collaborative way, and being consistent.

Is there any concern about this series?  Let me know if there's anything I can
help with it.


Peter Xu

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