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Re: Windows installer builds apparently broken since October?

From: Stefan Weil
Subject: Re: Windows installer builds apparently broken since October?
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 16:34:28 +0100
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Am 15.01.21 um 15:01 schrieb Peter Maydell:

I was just trying to see what updates the qemu.nsi file needed for
the merge-all-the-manuals-into-one-place change, and I discovered
that it's been broken since October when we removed the Changelog file:

File: "/tmp/qemu-test/src\Changelog" -> no files found.
Usage: File [/nonfatal] [/a] ([/r] [/x filespec [...]] filespec [...] |
    /oname=outfile one_file_only)
Error in script "../src/qemu.nsi" on line 119 -- aborting creation process

You can reproduce that with:

make -C my-build-dir docker-image-fedora V=1 NETWORK=1
make -C my-build-dir docker-test-mingw@fedora J=8 NETWORK=1

This used to be in CI (patchew ran this config) but it clearly can't
be being CI'd any more, or we'd have noticed.

Stefan, I see you have more recent installer binaries on your
site than that -- do you have some local patches for this?

Hello Peter,

although I have some local fixes (available for example in https://github.com/stweil/qemu/) I am still struggling with 5.2.0.

One problem which was recently discussed on the list is the directory structure of the installation (especially the location for BIOS and similar files) which still needs changes (which als require updates for qemu.nsi). I'd prefer a similar hierarchical structure for both Linux and Windows (instead of a flat one which does not work with the current code).

Other problems are caused by the new QEMU build system in my special build context (Debian cross build with Cygwin packages).

A third challenge comes from users who would like to see new features like zstd or braille which up to now were missing in my binaries.

As I am quite busy with other things, too, I am afraid that it will take some more weeks until I can send a set of patches to fix the most urgent issues.

Removing Changelog from qemu.nsi is easy, but not nearly sufficient: https://github.com/stweil/qemu/commit/923c93a663e4e51231f6ea389c19c0a960fa9f99.

Kind regards,


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