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Revisiting VERSION for Python subpackage

From: John Snow
Subject: Revisiting VERSION for Python subpackage
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 11:34:50 -0500
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Hi Peter: In the past, you expressed hesitation over adding another VERSION file to ./python/, preferring we single-source it somehow.

For now, I believe I will be pursuing a version of to indicate the subpackage is in a beta state, but otherwise tied/related to the QEMU 6.0 release. I plan to change this to '0.6.0' during the release candidate phase.

(It also leaves open the door to begin independent versioning schemes later if we want to fork useful parts of the library out.)

Due to the way python packaging works, there is currently no way to refer to files *above* the python package root because files are copied out to a temporary, isolated environment. I do not believe there is any way for me to avoid creating a second file.

I wanted to check and make sure this wasn't going to be a no-go.


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