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Re: [PATCH 05/25] keyval: simplify keyval_parse_one

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [PATCH 05/25] keyval: simplify keyval_parse_one
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 16:00:07 +0100
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On 22/01/21 14:48, Markus Armbruster wrote:
   --nbd .key=

     master:       Invalid parameter '..key'
     your patch:   same


   If I omit the '=', your patch's message changes to

                   No implicit parameter name for value 'key..'

   I consider that worse than before, because it's talking about
   something outside the user's control (lack of an implict parameter
   name) where it should instead tell the user what needs fixing in the

I think whether it's better or worse depends on the specific erroneous command line (think "--nbd /path/to/file.qcow2"), but I can certainly change it.

Your patch also adds an "Expected parameter at end of string" error.
Can you tell me how to trigger it?

It is meant for "--nbd ''" but it is effectively dead code due to the "while (*s)" in the caller. Possibilities:

1) leave it in as dead code

2) replace it with an assert

3) change the caller to use a do...while in such a way that it triggers it (and be careful not to change the grammar).

I believe your grammar is ambiguous.  Your code seems to pick the sane
alternative.  If I'm wrong, you need to enlighten me.  If I'm right, you
need to fix your grammar.

Will do. Can I change the EBNF to use "+" and "*" for simplicity and clarity?

Hmm, bartering opportunity...  May I have your support for me
eliminating anti-social device names in exchange?

I do not mind removing them.  What's the barter exactly like? :)


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